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DA won’t form unstable coalitions, says Steenhuisen


“We are looking for stability, strong majorities where we can really get things done.”

DA leader John Steenhuisen. File picture

UNSTABLE coalitions are not up for discussion as the DA’s federal executive gears up for various negotiations following the local government elections, says party leader John Steenhuisen.

In a video on the DA’s platform, Steenhuisen assured that the coalition negotiations in hung municipalities come with non-negotiable principles.

The federal executive will meet on Sunday.

He also made reference to certain Sunday newspapers that shared “a lot of misinformation and disinformation” and called on the public not to believe everything published but instead to hear from the “horse’s mouth”.

“The federal executive is meeting today (Sunday) at Nkululeko House to discuss various negotiations we’ve been entering into with other parties,” he said. “Today, we are going to be forming governments, finalising coalition offers to some of the other parties and starting to move forward

“I want to give you the absolute assurance that we are going into these negotiations with non-negotiable principles … Principles that speak to transparency, accountability, service delivery, ensuring that we can bring economic development and job creation to your municipality and making sure of accountable administrations spending the money on you and not the politicians. These are the things that we are going into negotiations with,” he said.

The aim of these coalition considerations, Steenhuisen said, was to “avoid extending the lives of corrupt organisations and extending their time in government when the voters have clearly spoken and rejected them”.

He further assured that unstable coalitions were not on the agenda.

“We are looking for stability, strong majorities where we can really get things done for you and your community.

“We will also be making sure we act in your best interest at all times.

“We are not going to be rushing into things. If we cannot form a coalition, I undertake to you that we will go and be the very best opposition that we possibly can be,” he said.

Steenhuisen added, with the ANC’s support dropping below the 50% mark, exciting times were ahead as the official opposition could now see what was possible in 2024.

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