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DA tackling coalition process ’carefully’ – Steenhuisen


DA leader John Steenhuisen said they are going through the coalition process very carefully and will soon make announcements.

DA leader John Steenhuisen. File picture

DA LEADER John Steenhuisen said the party is going through the coalition process very carefully and will soon make announcements.

Steenhuisen said they are committed to going into coalitions to strengthen the opposition, but with a focus on a stable coalition and focus on delivering services to people.

“We have been in talks with a number of political parties. We have coalition documents on the table and there’s been a return document submitted by various parties, and I am sure in the coming days we will be able to make announcements, certainly around a number of municipalities in the Western Cape and other parts of the country,” Steenhuisen said.

He also said the DA would go into coalition talks with parties that are focused on providing residents with water, clean communities, housing and adequate sewage infrastructure.

“All we are looking for in the coalition are strong and stable partners and a majority, so that for the next five years those municipalities can focus like a laser beam on getting things right for the residents of those municipalities.

“We won’t be entering into unstable coalitions where it’s not going to last. We want partners who are going to be reliable and going to stick with the programme, given the crisis in the local government municipalities around the country,” he said.

On Tuesday, ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba announced that they were in coalition talks with the DA.

DA national spokesperson Siviwe Gwarube also confirmed they were in talks with ActionSA and other parties across the country about the possibility of forming coalitions where there is no outright majority, including with ActionSA.

Gwarube said the talks and negotiations were ongoing and it would be difficult to state what has been agreed to at this stage.

“Ultimately, the DA is prepared to have these negotiations with any party which will share their values and pre-conditions with the DA contained in a draft coalition agreement which all coalition partners will have to sign,” she said.

The values, Gwarube said, are:

1. A culture of accountability, transparency and good governance will form the foundation of all work to be performed in the municipality.

2. All coalition members acknowledge the value of openness and will ensure the accessibility of information to residents of the municipality.

3. All coalition members shall be accessible and responsive to all residents of the municipality.

4. All coalition members shall endeavour to eliminate corruption and maladministration within the municipality, including a non-negotiable commitment to the rule of law and constitutionalism.

5. The separation of party and state will be strictly adhered to by all coalition members.

6. All coalition members shall champion inclusion, redress, and reconciliation within the municipality.

7. All parties shall endeavour to expand opportunities for all and oppose any forms of racial, gender or other quotas.

8. All parties shall uphold non-racialism.

9. All parties shall avoid the politics of patronage, nepotism, or self-enrichment.

10. All coalition members shall ensure the municipality is driven by the pursuit of excellence, this includes merit-based appointments and policy making guided by evidence and the objectives set out in this agreement.

11. No party to this agreement shall enter any other coalition which is inconsistent with this agreement.

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