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Cash-in-Transit robber killed was international MMA fighter


One of the robbers killed in a shootout in KwaMashu has been identified as a South African mixed martial arts fighter.

Condolences are pouring in on Facebook for Sboh Ceeh Khuboni who died during the attempted cash in transit robbery in KwaMashu. Picture source: Facebook

Durban – One of the robbers killed in a shootout with a Cash in Transit guard in KwaMashu has been identified as a South African mixed martial arts fighter. 

Since the Bridge City Shopping Mall incident on Monday, police are still searching for the other suspects of a cash in transit gang. 

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Brenda Muridili said a group of robbers engaged in a shootout with security guards of a cash vehicle.  She said two of the robbers were shot dead.  She said the remaining robbers fled the scene in a minibus taxi. 

“A hand gun and a rifle were recovered on the scene from the robbers. We do not know if any cash was taken,” Muridili said. 

It is alleged that a gang of seven men tried to hold up CIT guards transferring money to their vehicle. 

Muridili said it was an attempted robbery. 

Gareth Naidoo a spokesperson for private security company KZN VIP Unit said paramedics treated one of the guards for multiple gunshot wounds at the scene before he was airlifted to hospital by a Netcare 911 helicopter. He is still recovering in hospital. 

Pictures of the scene circulating on social media, showed a man on the floor wearing a balaclava and hand gloves with a rifle beside him. He has blood flowing from a wound under his balaclava. 

He is also wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt and is laying on his stomach. 

The man described above is alleged to be a Mixed Martial Arts fighter Sboh Ceeh Khuboni aka the Destroyer. He was affiliated with Muay Thai MMA Boys. A police source verified his identity.  

According to a message on the C-3 Community Crime Cooperative Facebook page. 

“MMA fighter. Friends send “condolences” because he was a “kind and gentle soul”. It seems getting punched in the head too much brings on lapses in logic.  One interesting aspect not yet explored will be the dead suspect’s known accomplaces. How many other hardened violent criminals are hiding in plain sight?”

A message from a friend posted on Facebook

A police source confirmed to the Daily News that the deceased was Sboh Ceeh Khuboni who had also been involved in a hijacking incident in Sydenham in 2012 where Shaber Asmal was shot dead outside Sparks Road Mosque parking lot. 

Reacting to the message on Facebook Ningi Mkhwanazi Bhukula said, “I think it was a influence from friends.”

Lungelwa Nyandu said, “What a waste of a young talent to dissappear jus like that only if you knew. Ifeel for your family and friends its unbelievable,crime does’nt pay!you learned the hard way!RIP.”

Warren Schultz said, “C-3 Community Crime Cooperative my thoughts exactly . Birds of a feather …”

Nick Evans said,”Would they say the same if he killed a cop or two? Madness.”

Magda Marais said, ” Any condolences to those he /they traumatised?”

Charmaine Bell said,”Kind and gentle souls don’t committ armed robbery.”

Sarish Jainarain said,”Kind and gentle armed robber.”

Theoise Le Roux Scott said,”Now he is a kind and gentle dead. He lost his last fight.”

Laeticia Visser said,” See there is a cure for stupid after all… may his ” kind & gentle soul” rot in hell.”

Tukie Ntomboxolo said, “….chances are it’s not the first time he is part of this. What if he has shot and killed the guards before? All lives matter including those of security guards who are fending for their families.”

Mick John Tyler said,”No mercy for the wicked you sow what you reep.”

Morne Engelbrecht said, “In the popular film, A Knight’s Tale, Count Adhemar says to William Thatcher during a jousting competition, “You have been weighed; you have been measured; and you have been found wanting.” This is a paraphrase from the Old Testament of the Bible (Daniel 5:27), which reads, “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”

Denise Freeman said,”What an absolute crock of s*** he is a criminal finish and klaar! So what if he was an MMA fighter, first and foremost he is an armed and dangerous criminal who deserved what he got!”

Colleen Mossman Davison said,”You have your whole life ahead of you and this is what you do?? Boggles the mind!”

Anthony Lokker said, “Looks like he tapped out!!”

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