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Cape man accused of baby’s rape vindicated


This means the rapist of the one-year-old child, dubbed “Baby C”, is still out there, her horrified mom said on Wednesday.

Cape Town – A 57-year-old man accused of raping his neighbour’s baby has been vindicated after DNA evidence could not connect him to the heinous crime.

This means the rapist of the one-year-old child, dubbed “Baby C”, is still out there, her horrified mom said on Wednesday.

Speaking out for the first time since her child was attacked on 22 August, the 28-year-old woman said police told her that her neighbour, Thomas Demas, has been ruled out as the rapist.

The DNA of Demas and another man from Woodlands were both tested, but did not match samples taken from Baby C.

The mother, who worked as a contractor for the City of Cape Town, says on the day she had left the child in the care of her nanny, a friend of 25 years.

“I left home before 7:15am and the nanny fetched her at 7.45am and took the child to her home, which is near our place,” the mom explains.

“I came home around 1.30pm and called for her to bring the child home.

“When she brought the child to me, I immediately smelled a poo smell.”

The mother says her baby suffered from constipation, and when she touched her that day, “she jumped off from me”.

“I let her play in the sand pit, thinking she probably wants to poo more.

“An hour later, I wanted to change her nappy and when I lifted her top, I saw the vest was full of blood from the back.

“When I opened her nappy, there were three different colours poo.

“There was blood inside her private area, scratches on her thigh and her private area looked like a rose.”

The frantic mom called her aunt and then the cops.

Demas was arrested but released pending DNA results, while cops also questioned the nanny.

The mother says when she called the detective this week, he said he “had bad news” for her.

“He said both men’s DNA were tested and that there was no DNA (link).

“So the person who did this to my child is still walking the streets and I believe the answer lies with the nanny,” the mother says.

“She said she did not leave my child’s side that day, but CCTV footage shows several people walking in and out of the house.”

Police did not want to comment on the latest developments.

However, a source close to the investigation says while Demas is off the hook, detectives are now following up on new leads, including questioning new suspects and investigating the possibility that the child was not sexually penetrated but “definitely harmed” by someone.

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