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Calls to fix slain Tazne van Wyk’s family home


A Parow community worker says he was dismayed when he visited the home last week and found the roof caving in due to water damage.

Cape Town – A Parow community worker is calling on Capetonians to help the family of slain Tazne van Wyk to fix their dilapidated Wendy house.

Ashley Rix of SaUnite says he was dismayed when he visited her parents last week and found their roof caving in due to water damage.

Rix, who has been in contact with Carmen van Wyk and Terence Manuel since the death of their eight-year-old daughter earlier this year, says he was disappointed when he heard that people who had promised to assist the family had never pitched.

In February, Tazne was kidnapped outside her parents home in Ravensmead.

Police launched a manhunt for Moehydien Pangaker, 54, who was arrested and charged with her murder after her decomposed body was found dumped in a drain in Worcester.

“After Tazne’s death, people from various places came forward and offered to help the family with the Wendy house,” says Rix.

“But nothing ever came of it and I thought to myself, let’s do something to help because the water is dripping through the roof and they have two other young children being raised in the Wendy.

“I just felt they had been through enough trauma and all those political people who came there and promised to help never did.”

GONE: Tazne van Wyk

Rix launched the “R10 Challenge” campaign for the family on social media, where he calls on Capetonians to help him raise R15 000 for a new structure by donating as little as R10.

To date he has raised just over R6000.

Mom Carmen, 28, says they were forced to put up a pole in the kitchen to prevent the roof from caving in.

“When Tazne died, people came here and made a lot of promises,” she says.

“We never asked people for anything, they offered, but nothing has happened.

“We are worried about the Wendy because we have two children.

“The case has already been stressful and now we are waiting for the test results to come back from Pretoria so we can find out how Tazne died.”

WORRY: Tazne’s parents Carmen van Wyk and Terence Manuel at their Ravensmead home

Dad Terence, 31, says while they appreciate the efforts by Rix, they also want to warn the public about scammers.

“Ashley was here the other day and saw the house and started a fund and we support and appreciate him,” he says.

“But when we went on social media, we saw there are people raising funds under Tazne van Wyk’s name [asking for donations]. But no permission was given by us.

“So all I want to ask is that people are careful who they give money to.”

If you would like to help, contact Rix on 076 966 1122.

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