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Call for protests against Covid-19 vaccine passport


A growing opposition to a vaccine passport has erupted on social media with many South Africans calling it a violation of civil liberties and protest being planned for the coming weekend.

A GROWING opposition to a vaccine passport has erupted on social media with many South Africans calling it a violation of civil liberties.

The strong stance online against these vaccine passports has now evolved into a call for protests across the country this coming Saturday.

A tweet with posters for the protests in different cities was published by Lonwabo Mfundisi on Twitter on Sunday night, shortly after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country was moving to lockdown Level 2.

It read: “It’s time to rise the #VaccinePassport are here. Let’s put down the keyboard and be at these venues. Vaxx or not vaxxed your freedoms are being taken slowly. Retweet.”

A vaccine passport is a certification of either vaccination status or immunity following a natural infection that confirms you no longer pose a risk to others.

Advocate Vuyani Ngalwana said the vaccine passport was “BS” and “opaque political speak”.

“I will not be forced to carry a pass in SA in the 21st century. NO,” he posted.

While many supported the stance, some brushed off the call for protests as just another Twitter rant.

Twitter poster, Ernie @Mohlakeng3 called on the SAPS to investigate.

“There we go again, @SAPoliceService we are tired with loot instigators hiding behind rallies. Please investigate this guys. Rona re batla ho lo berekela future of our kids and they busy disturbing the peace. Tsek.”

Some of the reactions:


During a weekly vaccine update on Friday, Health Minister Joe Phaahla said South Africans who were vaccinated against Covid-19 would probably be issued with digital vaccination certificates in about a week’s time.

He said vaccine passports would probably be non-negotiable.

“Covid-19 passports are likely to be non-negotiable in a post-Covid-19 world. Exactly how the world goes about it, is still up in the air. Regardless of this, the news that South Africans will soon have access to a digital health certificate is good news all around, ” he said.

Phaahla said the certificate would be available through a person’s smartphone, and could then also be printed out.

However, it’s not only South Africans who are against carrying a vaccine passport.


The UK government recently dropped its plan to make people in England show vaccine passports to enter crowded events such as nightclubs.

UK Health minister Sajid Javid announced the U-turn, saying the government did not view the move as necessary in the current virus situation, citing high vaccine uptake.

Javid also said that the idea of compulsory showing of documentation at leisure venues made him uncomfortable.

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