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Businessman hailed a hero after tackling suspect in attempted kidnap


The man, identified as Gauteng businessman Dishal Sooku, got up from his table as the suspect jumped over the railing and tried to grab a young girl.

A screengrab of the video shows Dishal Sooku grabbing the suspect.

A JOHANNESBURG man, who tackled an alleged kidnapper trying to grab a four-year-old girl at a restaurant in Florida, has been hailed a hero for his valiant efforts.

The man, identified as businessman Dishal Sooku, grabbed the suspect and tackled him to the ground. Video footage of the incident has gone viral on social media.

In the video clip, it shows a young girl sitting at the table with two women. A few seconds later, a man jumps over a railing at the eatery and grabs the girl by her neck. It appears that Sooku may have been watching the man and was suspicious of his intent because he managed to grab the man within seconds of him jumping over the railing and grabbing the child.

Sooku is seen grabbing the suspect and wrestles him to the ground while one of the woman grabs the child away from the alleged kidnapper.

The women quickly move the little girl away while Sooku continues to grapple with the suspect. Security guards then intervene to separate Sooku and the suspect.

In a second video from the scene, the suspect is seen with his arms bound, speaking to people at the scene.

It is not quite understood what he is saying however, he makes references to drugs.

The 24-year-old has since been arrested and charged with assault. It is unclear if or when the man will be charged for attempted kidnapping.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kay Makhubele said other investigations will reveal if what happened is related to a kidnapping.

According to his Facebook profile, Sooku is a director at a dry cleaning company and lives in Gauteng.

According to the Jikishin Ju-Jitsu International South Africa he is a sensei.

Meanwhile, people have taken to social media to commend Sooku on his bravery.

Liza Hall: “Thank you for your dedication to the sport which has in turn saved a little life and the destruction of a family.”

Bianca Van Dewenter: “A true hero, at the right place at the the right time. So happy you were their at that time too save the little girl.”

Hilton Elsk√©: “His training just saved a girl.”