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ANC staff to stage nationwide picket over salaries


ANC staff will embark on a nationwide picket on Monday due to non-payment of salaries.

The ANC headquarters, Luthuli House, in Johannesburg. File picture

ANC STAFF will embark on a nationwide picket on Monday due to non-payment of salaries.

Nationally, about 247 staff members are affected.

Prior to the build-up of the local government elections, workers had insisted that they would not take part in election campaigning, but that script changed about two days after they had announced it.

They then committed to setting aside their frustrations to participate in winning the confidence of voters.

On Sunday, the party’s staff representative Mvusi Mdlala said salary payments for August, September and October were still outstanding.

He previously emphasised that staffers have had cars repossessed and that many can’t afford to pay school fees, bonds, rent, and daily living expenses.

“We are still in the same situation we were in before the elections. Workers are still owed their August, September and October salaries,” Mdlala said.

“It is frustrating because we saw during the election campaign in October that the ANC leadership managed to raise money for the elections. Why didn’t they raise money for staff if they could raise money for elections? It is a sign of not caring about the workers.”

Mdlala emphasised that workers are “very angry” about the non-payment and disappointed about the attitude of the party’s leadership.

As a result of their frustrations they have resorted to expressing their disgruntlement through the picket. There are also talks of approaching the CCMA and to seek legal advice.

“These actions will only take place if we see that the leadership of the ANC is failing to respond,” Mdlala added.

Independent Media contacted the ANC general manager, Febe Potgieter, for comment but did not receive any response by the time of publication.

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