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ANC staff audit under way, party rejects claims of ghost workers


The party’s general manager Fébé Potgieter indicated that the party was in the process of completing its fourth audit.

ANC staff in Cape Town picketed against unfair labour practice by the ANC leadership. Picture: Leon Lestrade/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

THE ANC has dismissed claims that its staff audit is an effort to sniff out ghost workers.

The party’s general manager Fébé Potgieter on Monday indicated that the party was in the process of completing its fourth audit.

The audit process is something that’s done every seven to 10 years.

ANC staff had until Monday to submit their job titles to Luthuli House.

The process for the submission of the current titles started in 2019 but was disrupted by Covid-19.

“We don’t believe we have ghost workers.

“The staff audit is done every seven to 10 years because that’s around the time that we tend to look at if there’s a need in adapting our organisational structure. Over the last 27 years, we’ve done three staff audits so this will be the fourth time,” she said.

The submissions were done either online or via email.

“We are in the process, as per 54th conference resolutions, of reviewing the ANC administrative structures and policies, with a view to modernise and sustainability. This process started in 2019.

“Of course, Covid-19 interrupted, resulting in new challenges as well as opportunities, especially the use of technology. The staff audit is part of that process, focusing on employees’ core skills, but also how remote work and use of technology have impacted on job descriptions, tools of trade, working conditions and hours, etc.

“Our deadline was Monday, so we will know by the end of the week what the status of the staff audits are. Our office will update which have been received and those which have not been received.”

Once the audit had been completed, Potgieter said it would allow for an aspect of informing the revised policies (for example, training and development, salary grading) and organograms.

On the issue of unpaid salaries of ANC staff, Potgieter shared what the way forward will be.

Employees held a picket on June 15 following repeated challenges of late salary payments as a result of cash flow problems. In the build-up to the downing of tools, ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe said: “Although staff were informed that officials are attending to the ANC cash flow challenges, the feeling of grievance around their conditions of employment has reached a critical point. Elected ANC officials at all levels will be organised to receive staff memorandum,” said Mabe.

The picket came after staff members were informed in April that their salaries would be late. As previously reported, the party said the problem of late payment would continue for the next three to six months due to ongoing financial problems.

“There were specific issues that staff raised so what we, as the administration, will do is sit down with the staff representative committee to go through the issues because some are straightforward, while others need negotiations,” said Potgieter.

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