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ANC elective conference in danger of collapsing


Harsh consequences are predicted if the ANC's elective conference is delayed

Trevor Manuel has warned that if ANC branch numbers are manipulated, the party's national conference in December could crash before its third day. File image

“More blood will be spilt if the ANC conference is delayed.”

Political analyst Bheki Mngomezulu believes there will be the harsh consequence should former finance boss Trevor Manuel and ANC stalwart Tokyo Sexwale’s predictions ring true.

Manuel and Sexwale recently voiced their beliefs that the ANC conference would collapse by the third day.

While speaking at a lecture at the University of Johannesburg last week, Manuel said there was a chance of ANC branch numbers being manipulated, a situation which may lead to the party’s national conference in December crashing before its third day.

Shortly afterwards, Sexwale also warned that the ANC’s elective conference was in danger of collapsing. Sexwale said the party is “thoroughly divided”, in an interview with The Sowetan.

He reportedly said “posterity will pass the most vitriolic judgement on us” if the ANC did not prepare itself for all eventualities. He expressed concern that the party acknowledged that it was divided but still planned to go ahead with the conference with no contingency plans in place.

“One of the critical things for the ANC leadership to consider is that we may leave the conference with an interim structure if people are not interested in standing for any position. I count myself among such people. However, my wish is that this does not happen and we leave the conference with an outcome,” he said.

But, Mngomezulu said he could not agree with the stalwarts as the longer the delay in the conference, the more complex things would get and more blood would be spilt.

“The problems lie with the vying for leadership. The ANC cannot afford to allow a collapse at the conference and I think they know that,” Mngomezulu said.

Manuel predicted that the conference would crash before day three of the conference. But what is so significant about day three?

Mngomezulu explained, “Day three is when the delegates discuss the policies they adopted preliminarily in July. On that say they will elect the leaders who will adopt these policies and this happens after all the deliberations that take place on the previous days.”

The 54th National Conference will take place this year from December 16 to 20 in Gauteng.