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40 million South Africans expected to be vaccinated with current Covid-19 budget


National Treasury Director-General Dondo Mogajane says the R4.350bn budget for Covid-19 vaccines is expected to accommodate 40 million South Africans.

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NATIONAL Treasury Director-General Dondo Mogajane says the R4.350 billion budget for Covid-19 vaccines is expected to accommodate 40 million South Africans this year.

Addressing the Standing Committee on Finance regarding Treasury’s plans, Mogajane said this is a target which has been set by the department.

“We are aware that this may not be enough. The department indicated in their plan that they want to target 40 million South Africans this year… whether that’s achievable or not is something else, but that’s the target that has been set. If need be, we’ll make more allocations at the time of the adjustment budget. What Cabinet has said to us and committed is that this is a public good.”

Mogajane added that they’ll ensure that all South Africans get vaccinated.

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu challenged National Treasury, stating that the Standing Committee on Finance, which he sits on, is often misled by the department.

He referenced discussions of a state-owned bank a few years ago, but to date nothing has transpired.

“It’s actually very difficult to participate in these meetings because we are told lies every day. Two to three years ago there was a commitment on the creation of a state bank. In all these meetings, there is commitment that we are soon to table a progress report on what’s going to happen… but there’s nothing there is nothing that is happening in that regard. Commitments are made and we are just made fools. We are being misled by the department and the ministry in that regard and that is problematic,” said Shivambu.

National Treasury Director-General Dondo Mogajane responded and said the technical work has been done. “What is not there… and as Honourable Shivambu says is the pronouncement to say that a bank has been established.”

The presentation displayed during the committee meeting summarised National Treasury’s 2021/2022. Key areas to be focused on include strengthening public sector financial management as well as improving financial management governance and compliance across all spheres of government and in government entities; managing government’s financial systems, overseeing and improving government’s supply chain management systems; making government procurement more transparent, efficient, effective and economical; advancing South Africa’s national economic interests within the context of reputable international institutions dealing with economic development and facilitating regional and international cooperation and supporting infrastructure development and economically integrated cities and communities.

Focus will also be put on exercising oversight over state-owned enterprises to enable the achievement of government’s policy objectives, while ensuring financial and fiscal sustainability.

Treasury also aims to ensure timely and accurate payment of government debt obligations to avoid any credit defaults and finance government’s gross borrowing requirement over the MTEF and minimise risk emanating from government’s fiscal obligations by measuring performance and ensuring compliance with market and refinancing risk benchmarks.

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