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10 dead, scores injured after bus plunges off bridge on N3


’Eleven patients sustained critical injuries and 54 patients sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate’

Paramedics at the scene of the accident on the N3 in Mpumalanga. Picture: Supplied

RUSTENBURG – Ten people were killed and scores of others injured when a bus crashed off a bridge on the N3 in Heidelburg, Mpumalanga, on Sunday.

“Eleven patients had sustained critical injuries, 54 patients had sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate and sadly ten people were killed in the roll-over,” said Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst.

“Due to the serious nature of two of the patients’ injuries, a Netcare 911 helicopter as well as another private EMS helicopter were activated to airlift the most seriously injured,“ Herbst said.

ER24 paramedics in a statement said the accident occurred near the N3 Die Hoek Toll Plaza in Heidelburg.

Spokesperson Russel Meiring said paramedics arrived at the scene and found a large bus lying on its roof on the side of the road.

“A number of the passengers had already climbed out of the crushed bus and were now seated near the vehicle, while several others still lay trapped inside.

“Medics set up a triage area and began to tend to the patients. Initial assessments showed that at least six people had sustained fatal injuries while close to 60 people had sustained minor to critical injuries.”

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