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Voice to the voiceless


We have chosen to be a voice to the voiceless, also to tell stories that would never see the light of day and to inform and educate society at large

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JUST when I thought it couldn’t get any worse – it has. Life can be extremely cruel sometimes. Mostly not out of our volition, but through the heinous acts of others.

Families have been ripped apart, emotional scars will run deep and long, lives will never ever be the same.

It really is sad, especially when it is close family that is involved.

I received an interesting phone call last week from a father pleading on behalf of his son. I have to point out this young man is no angel. This unwed father hasn’t even turned 30 and he has had his brushes with the law. He has also been in out of rehab facilities.

I don’t know his parents personally but from what I have heard they have done everything humanly possible for him. Those who personally know his elderly parents have told me all sorts of things about what they have done to firstly get him onto the straight and narrow and to now try and keep him there.

I guess that is what any parent would do. I know mine would definitely have gone the tough love route first but I know for a fact that they would never, ever have left me to my own devices and slip totally away from them. I know they would always have had my back and bail me out where and if they possibly could.

Unfortunately I no longer have my parents, but I’ve got a great group of family and friends that I know I can rely on.

Obviously this young man’s parents are doing exactly the same for him.

With this young man’s history, he has obviously had his fair share of court appearances which we have been reporting on.

Now this week, as mentioned, I received a call from the father of this young man. During the course of our conversation he asked why every time his son appeared in court we dragged up all the history.

He told me that his son was trying to turn his life around and find a job and every time a prospective employer saw a newspaper report it jeopardised his chances.

He begged me to be more human. He also asked me if I had any children and how I would feel if it was my child.

I need to tell you that he never gave me much of a chance to speak or respond to him.

Now I wish to exercise my right to reply to you, Sir.

No, I don’t have any children – not out of choice though. But I am human and I also have feelings. I can just imagine if I was a mother to a child that got themselves into crap. The claws would have come out and I would turn into a tiger to defend my kid – exactly what you have done.

I can also understand that at some point the actions of your son have become an embarrassment for your family as well.

You also indicated that your son has repaid his debt and I applaud you for making him do the responsible thing. I honestly hope he has learnt from his mistakes, which I’m sure he has.

I also hope that he appreciates everything you have done for him and not be like some people who almost make out as if their family doesn’t exist when they have shown dogged support.

I really am sorry, Sir, but even though I wish I could have spared you and your family, I also have a job to do. It is not always easy doing what we do, but we do this because we have chosen to be a voice to the voiceless, also to tell stories that would never see the light of day and to inform and educate society at large.

For that I will not apologise.