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Tougher water laws: A splash of accountability


THE FUNHOUSE MIRROR COLUMN: As the tides of legislation swell, it seems our esteemed municipal manager and senior officials are about to embark on a wild water ride.

Picture: MS Dabbler

By Monty Quill

LADIES and gentlemen, gather ’round as we dive into the murky waters of legislation. The latest news from the bureaucratic watering hole is that the government is brewing up some tougher water laws. Forget about your average garden hose restrictions; we’re talking about municipal managers and business directors doing the backstroke in a pool of personal accountability.

Picture it: a boardroom meeting where the suits are sweating more than a leaky tap. The agenda? Quality water delivery to residents. But not just any water – oh no! We’re talking about the good stuff, the kind that doesn’t taste like it’s been filtered through a rusty pipe.

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The recent Drop reports spilt more tea than a clumsy waiter at a fancy gala. Apparently, over 64 municipalities are in a critical state. Their water quality? Questionable. It’s like they’re serving H2O with a side of mystery.

The Green Drop report shows that municipal wastewater treatment systems are doing the backstroke in algae-infested pools. The red flags are waving – drinking water quality is taking a nosedive.

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) also recently rode in on a water buffalo and declared that clean water is a basic right. Violate it and you’ll be doing laps in legal trouble.

Now, let’s dive into the riveting details of these proposed tougher water laws. Brace yourselves, for this is where the absurdity flows faster than a burst fire hydrant during a heatwave.

Municipal Managers vs the Water Accountability Kraken: A Showdown

Yes, folks, we’re talking about a water showdown – where the stakes are high, and the water pressure is even higher.

Picture this: Municipal managers in their tailored suits, clutching their briefcases, standing at the edge of a murky reservoir. Their mission? To deliver quality water to residents. But wait, there’s a twist! If they fail, they won’t just face public scrutiny; they’ll be personally liable.

Imagine senior municipal officials riding the waves of responsibility. If they fail to deliver quality water, they won’t just get a slap on the wrist. Instead, their personal responsibility looms like a colossal wave, ready to crash upon their complacency.

Imagine the scene: The Water Accountability Kraken awakens. Its eyes, like swirling whirlpools, fixate on those who dare neglect their duty. Its tentacles – each representing transparency, efficiency, and integrity – coil menacingly. The Kraken’s roar echoes through the corridors of power: “Deliver clean water or face my wrath!”

The officials scramble. They pore over water quality reports, scrutinise pipelines, and chase leaks like sailors plugging holes in a leaky ship. The Kraken’s presence is palpable – a reminder that their decisions ripple far beyond their desks. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about lives, health and trust.

And so, they work tirelessly. They collaborate with engineers, engage with communities, and invest in infrastructure. The Kraken’s gaze never wavers. It demands accountability, not excuses. The officials know that failure isn’t an option; it’s a breach of the sacred pact with the citizens.

Picture: MS Dabbler

The Minister’s Superpowers

Our beloved Minister of Water and Sanitation, Senzo Mchunu, is about to level up. Armed with a cape and a stern expression, he’ll swoop down upon failing municipalities.

His superpower? The ability to issue directives. No more wishy-washy memos; these are commandments etched in digital stone.

Imagine him standing on a water tower, pointing dramatically: “Thou shalt fix thy leaky pipes, or face my bureaucratic wrath!”

Minister Mchunu will also be donning his floaties. He’ll be patrolling the pool, ready to dive in when municipalities start doing the backstroke in bureaucratic red tape. If your town’s water supply resembles a dried-up puddle, Senzo’s got his whistle ready.

So, dear readers, brace yourselves. The tide is turning, the SS Accountability is sailing onward. The Kraken’s shadow stretches across the water, urging them forward. And when the taps finally run clear, then and only then can officials breathe a sigh of relief.

For responsibility isn’t a mere concept – it’s a force of nature. And those who falter? Well, they’ll find themselves swept away by the very waves they neglected.

Picture: MS Dabbler

Disclaimer: This column is a work of satire. Any resemblance to actual water laws, ministers, or leaky pipes is purely coincidental. No Krakens were harmed during its creation.

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