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At the end of the day

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YAY! Another public holiday is coming up. For a lucky few, this means a nice long weekend. Schools are closing for the holidays. I guess this will be what Americans call “spring break”. Although it sure as hell hasn’t felt much like spring.

But, be that as it may, we kind of have to accept that we can’t mess with mother nature, climate change and the like.

Half the time I don’t know which public holiday is coming up, I just know that I at least get a day off work.

This one, however, got me thinking. Oh, by the way, the public holiday is Heritage Day. Had to check my calendar. But, during this week a question was asked in one of my social media groups, “Why are you proudly South African?”

And, this is what Heritage Day is all about – celebrating our uniqueness, our heritage and, for some, throwing a boerie on the braai.

If I had to answer the question, my first and immediate response would be why should I be proudly South African? There are so many negatives going on around us. You guys can be very lucky I have a word limit as I can fill this column with all the reasons why I don’t feel proudly South African.

However, I decided I’m not going to go that route I’m going to try and find some reasons why I am a proud South African.

Well the first kind of obvious one is we can claim Nelson Mandela as our own. If I had to die right now, I would be happy to own this one even if it is the only one.

Then there are all the Struggle heroes such as Steve Biko, Oliver Tambo, Robert Sobukwe, Walter Sisulu the list is just endless.

What these great men went through so that you and I can have the freedom to celebrate Heritage Day is beyond comprehension.

If only we can say the same for the so-called leaders we have to look up to today. Sorry. I’m trying not to be negative.

Another not too difficult reason why I’m proud to be called a South African is that I get to watch South Africans competing internationally on sports fields.

Without trying to state the obvious, the goosebumps when South Africa won the Rugby World Cup, Bafana raising the Afcon trophy, Wayde van Niekerk breaking world records, Caster Semenya, Burry Stander, Penny Heyns, Natalie du Toit, Terrence Parkin I’m sure you can name more.

And, regardless of the current performance of our national
soccer, rugby and cricket teams, don’t you dare criticise our players – 55 436 360 angry South Africans will be on your back.

Besides our Struggle heroes who tried really hard to unite our nation, sport always seems to bring us together.

Yes, we all grew up differently under different circumstances, but that’s what makes us so special as a nation.

After a while people all speaking the same language, dressing the same, eating the same food wherever you are in the country will get terribly boring very quickly.

They always say we shouldn’t just have 16 days of activism against violence towards women and children and Women’s Month once a year, I’m saying we shouldn’t just have one Heritage Day. No matter where you come from, no matter your beliefs and culture, we are all South Africans at the end of the day.

And that is why I’m proudly South African!