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Taking the right kind of risks


Let’s make the choices we can live with and just enjoy life the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.

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I REMEMBER growing up when we didn’t have a lot. We somehow managed.

Looking back on my teenage years, the one thing that sticks out is that it was a happy time. There were always friends. We got up to nonsense but it was clean and innocent. Our time was spent pushing poor old Charmaine on the “help-my-trap” motorbike through the rose bushes.

Then there was the time we took my father’s black “dikwiel” bicycle – and as with the “help-my-trap” – without permission. We would ride around the neighbourhood thinking we were the shit even though our feet could hardly reach the pedals and we needed a push-off to get going.

Then on that same “dikwiel” bicycle we would “lift” each other either on the handlebars or on the carrier. But if you rode on the carrier, you had to sit side-saddle and you as the “driver” used to try and break the speed of sound and go around corners as if you were a Moto-GP rider, all the while trying to dislodge your passenger.

That’s the kind of stuff with which we occupied our time.

Then we moved onto the “boyfriend” stage – if you can even call it that. They were more “just friends” and you usually hung out with them in a group. You only thought about kissing a boy once you were finished with school – not that you took school seriously. It was just some unspoken rule.

Yes, you still tried to pull the wool over your parents’ eyes. I remember going to one of my classmates’ 16th birthday party. I never told my parents I was going to a party, I merely told them that I was sleeping over at Althea’s house. I didn’t exactly lie, I just didn’t tell them the whole truth. However, if they did decide to check up on me, they would have found me there.

Then there was the time that my mom become suspicious of my moves. I told her that I was staying over at another of my friend’s houses. But, like I said, she was suspicious and I guess she had reason to be.

Rianette and I decided to hit the clubs. Without revealing my age, we started at the Queen’s Hotel. We had a couple of drinks there then moved on to the next spot. Our ultimate aim was to end the night at the Constance Hall. But, my mother was on our tail the whole time. We just about managed to elude her; she would go into the one club and we would just have left. She didn’t catch me that night, but eventually she did.

Nowadays teenagers don’t tell their parents where they are going. We just have to look at what happened to Lesego “Panni” van Wyk. The body of the Grade 10 pupil from Mogomotso High School, was seen being dumped from a red car during the early hours of Saturday morning.

This after she asked her mother for money, who refused. This was the last time the mom spoke to her teenage daughter. She had to hear from her daughter’s friends that they had visited a tavern. In spite of her actions she didn’t deserve to die. She probably thought that she was just being a normal teenager and doing what teenager’s do.

Then we have the other extreme. Twitter is telling me it’s called the “Hockey Club in Bryanston”. Just going through the tweets to see why it is trending – OMG!

What I can gather from all of it is that teenagers and young people are selling themselves for money. What I can also gather is that they are being paid big bucks for sex. They are paid more if they “travel” and even more if they have sex without a condom.

I tell you, going through the tweets made me sick to the stomach. Some people were tweeting that at least it is better than human trafficking.

With human trafficking you don’t have a choice. By “joining” the Hockey Club you are choosing to be raped, you are choosing to have sex without a condom, you are choosing to get a STD or worse.

Yes, the money, lingerie, perfume and trips is tempting but at what cost?

Everybody was born with free will, you get to choose how you want to live your life. Nobody can judge you for the choices you make. I made the choice to enjoy my teenage and young adult life the way I did.

However, if this the life you really want for yourself, that’s on you.

Generally people respect you more for the good choices you make and not about what you possess, wear or drive.

Life is about more than this, let’s make the choices we can live with and just enjoy life the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.