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Sleep well for now


How many top politicians have had their fingers in the purse - not looking for small change - and for how long?

220118 Former Basasa Boss Angelo Agrizzi returns to the stand at the State Capture to continue to testify in Parktown Johannesburg. Picture: Simphiwe Mbokazi African News Agency (ANA).6

I FEEL an Oprah Winfrey moment coming on It’s time to look under your chairs. You get an extra R65 000 a month, you get an overseas holiday, you get a mansion worth R18 million, you get extra security for yourself and your household and then while we’re at it let’s throw in a stay of execution for allegedly taking a R600 million bribe.

You get all this for being unethical and instead of looking out for the poorest of the poor you look for ways to personally enrich yourself. And if you’re Hlaudi Motsoeneng it’s “OK for Hlaudi to just receive R1 million from Bosasa for doing absolutely nothing in return”.

My question is how do you sleep at night knowing you have deprived someone of a bed to sleep in, a meal to eat, water with which to wash themselves?

Oh, sorry, you probably have a state-of-the-art bed, chefs to cook you your gourmet meal, a (fire) pool to just prepare yourself for the luxury jacuzzi bath you have in your open-plan master suite – so I guess you are sleeping just fine.

These people have been allowed to clear out the state coffers for their own gain, and for years have gotten away with it. Now all the dirty laundry is being aired at the Zondo Commission inquiry into state capture that is currently under way.

How many top politicians have had their fingers in the purse – not looking for small change – and for how long?

Some of them are just being encouraged to continue digging and digging and getting away with it.

All this while NGOs like the Kimberley Child Welfare is not receiving even the small change that’s left in the purse, all because you feel it is your right to live a life of luxury.

Then organisations such as Child Welfare are still robbed. Yes it may have just been two laptops but to them it probably meant how many fund-raisers and scraping their knees bare to try and receive a minuscule donation.

Now if you and I – the ordinary man/woman on the street – decided to even take a R5 000 bribe our butts would be in a half-arsed built jail faster than Jacob Zuma’s rise to pop stardom.

Yet the people who many look up to and idolise have feet of clay.

Our new Sol Plaatje Municipality mayor (Patrick Mabilo) vowed to make a difference yet the city is running dry.

What must also be remembered is that this is an election year and for many parties it is make-or-break time.

In my opinion, this election is probably the most important since our democracy. Yes, the 1994 election was the breaking of a new era in our political landscape, but it was a foregone conclusion as to what would happen.

With everything coming out at not only the Zondo Commission but also the commission of inquiry into the PIC and the NPA, it could make a huge difference at the polling stations.

So all of you who are waiting for that international flight to take you to some luxury, foreign destination or the bumping up of the bank balance, sleep well for now; because who knows what will happen after the elections and the purse gets snapped closed.

You may not only lose a few fingertips, but a whole lot more.