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Why hot air gives only cold comfort

By now we should all know that our vote is by secret ballot. Nobody looks over our shoulder to check where we put our X on voting day.

Beneficiaries of technology

Now that my plumber is an official “beneficiary” I can pay him electronically any time I want.

Are worker issues getting attention they deserve?

Although our political landscape has various unions, most workers are still organised around the rallying cry “workers of the world, unite!”

Until the band stops playing

Yesterday morning I woke up realising that someone, somewhere was shaking a defiant fist at me and my fellow elite

Ignore the seed and bee

The danger of having that little seed in your head is that you can put yourself in danger or land up in a lot of crap

There is just no stopping Semenya

No athlete should be punished for natural levels of testosterone.

Dynamic of SA’s election is changing

The main political parties are looking to stabilise and to make gains, while the NFP is looking to hold on to its support base.

Criminals have right to vote for fellow criminals

Surely one of the main reasons for locking a criminal up in prison is to make it impossible for him to commit more crimes (for a while, anyway)

Thumbs up for Malaria vaccine

Malaria is a parasitic infection that can lead to chills, fever and nausea, and other complications, including organ failure

Collectively useless knowledge

We all grow up knowing about a flock of sheep, a herd of cows, a fleet of ships, a pride of lions and a swarm of bees