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Using artwork as weapon against GBV

Project uses an online platform to sell art to raise funds to help in the fight against gender-based violence

Africa Day reminds us to unite across boundaries

By embracing the beauty of what it means to be African, and by drawing on a diversity of views and a multiplicity of energies, we can launch a powerful springboard for resilient and lasting peace, says the writer

From which planet are our lockdown tobacco laws? asks FMF

‘Cele whimsically decreed that people with receipts may smoke. No, that is not a joke or fake news, and, no, it was not another planet. It really happened. Here.’

More confusion during these Covid-19 confusing times

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to discern what part of the regulations are rational and which parts are wholly capricious, says the writer

Trump lashes out at scientists whose findings contradict him

Trump has long been skeptical of mainstream science

We need to galvanise young South Africans to be Covid-19 myth-busters

‘Massive infodemic’ has created a situation where science is questioned, and conspiracy theories thrive, says the writer

Memories of fighting COVID-19 preserved in museums

A donation ceremony of anti-epidemic objects was held at the Wuhan Revolutionary Museum on Monday, the 44th International Museum Day, as part of its special activities to mark the day.

South African universities offering virtual tours.

Six South African universities are currently offering these tours of their campuses.

Reimagining TVET education in a time of Covid-19

In South Africa face-to-face tuition has been stopped since March 18, with multi-modal “remote” learning (online, analogue and print) planned across the higher education and training system (HET).