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We need action, not talk

The murders this weekend at a shebeen in Philippi simply cannot be ignored because the frequency speaks of a larger problem in society

Art is much more than just a stitch in time

Lay out a row of chipped bricks or nail a cracked urinal to a plank and you can claim it’s packed with all sorts of deep social significance

Make women’s reproductive rights a reality

It baffles the mind how nurses could kick out a woman they identified as a high-risk patient without at least examining her first

Almost an impatient patient

Just the other day I was almost hospitalised because of those snacks and gadgets

Bafana produced goods when it really mattered

It was good to see Bafana give their all, producing a performance that South Africans expected from them

Rome wasn’t built in a day

But, in other instances I want to see the results of certain actions NOW. Don’t make me wait. I just need to chillax Rome wasn’t built in one day

Plug our porous borders

The current unco-ordinated method of managing borders has left those living near the country’s borders vulnerable to criminal elements

Unpack baggage of language

The baggage that goes with linguistic choice often recalls the bad experiences. Invariably, unfortunate myths take root.

Feeding cats is a fishy business

Since the price of my usual cat food sachets went through the roof, I’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative

Leaders must make our case for development

On the sidelines of the summit, leaders of the Brics nations also met ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit.