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Progressed pupils policy must remain

We would be the first to admit that the number of pupils who passed is negligible compared with those who failed Grade 11 in 2017

Staying alive at the mall

It’s disheartening to see senior citizens trying to navigate their way down a supermarket aisle when someone is packing shelves or moving produce around the store

You cannot eat a lie

I'm sorry to say ... you have been misled.

Some good … some not

LAST year was exactly the same I’m just not feeling the spirit of Christmas. There is no Christmas tree up, there are no decorations,...

Prosecute apartheid offenders

NPA head Shamila Batohi has been urged by MPs to prosecute those who did not appear before the commission and those not granted amnesty by the TRC

Tripping over our shiny shoelaces

Three of the aglet attachment department staff had small children, so the manager decided to open a daycare centre for them

Why women tend to outlive men

The X chromosome contains many genes related to the brain, and it is crucial for survival. Without at least one X, an animal cannot live.

Doing His own marketing

It’s such a pity that there is such a cloud of commercialism on the one hand, and cynicism on the other, surrounding Christmas

Let Nation building be our motto

On the human side, Reconciliation Day is a time to look at how we treat one another

Time for road users to focus on safety

Why do so many still drive under the influence, or take to the road in unroadworthy vehicles? Why exceed the speed limit?