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Tahir ‘s done his adopted country proud

Tahir has announced that he will retire from the Proteas’ limited-overs team after his third appearance in the global jamboree

Fictional rat’s chomp through literature

Not only do the shredded, masticated and swallowed pages satisfy his physical needs, but he becomes aware of the titles he is chewing

Some hope in the search for HIV cure

Understanding the nature of the virus has also seen a decrease in the stigma attached to it

Coal on its way out as SA’s energy source

The SA Communist Party has gone as far as to blame Eskom’s woes on IPPs

How voices of teachers echo through time

The things I learnt then have stayed firmly in my brain ever since, while most of the stuff I was taught later evaporated like mist

Not better with butter

I personally know friends who ignored prophetic omens and ended up in a cast

Youth are choosing not to vote

This is more than just a segment of the population that could result in a swing vote

Pain has no race

Stats show that free abortions to which young girls are given legal access have devolved into a gross form of birth control

Blitzboks’ focus is on improvement

The newer players have, at times, struggled to grasp their roles and the void left by the exit of all that experience has been noticeable

‘Prophets” prey on the desperate

In real life a church leader used a coffin to perform a hoax in which he claimed to have raised a man from the dead.