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One moment of anger


Fourie is not the only one to act on years of accumulated, anger and he certainly will not be the last.

ANGRY: Ockert Fourie

IF YOU are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow, according to a Chinese proverb.

If only Ockert Fourie had been patient just that moment longer, he wouldn’t find himself in the trouble he is now – and he would be able to enjoy the quality of life he enjoyed for many years.

However, Fourie was patient for many, many years.

Nobody knows what made him snap that day. Only he can tell us. Maybe he was just having a bad day, or his sugar levels weren’t right, or he had a headache. We don’t know, we can just speculate.

Whatever it might have been, I can totally empathise with him.

I remember a few years ago living in Hadison Park. Those were the days when I was still a reporter. I have to tell you in those days it was it was absolutely bliss, as it entailed having three Sunday’s off in the month.

Now, I don’t know if you are like me in any way, but to me to have a Sunday afternoon nap is the absolute ultimate.

On many of those afternoon’s of absolute bliss, I would just be dozing and the motorbikes and the four-wheelers would start.

And, if you know me, you don’t wake me up – especially not from my Sunday afternoon nap – so when they started, geeze I was ready to throw anything and everything at them.

If I had seen who it was, they probably would’ve got a tongue-lashing of note.

But, besides those who were enjoying their Sunday afternoon thing, there were those neighbours who decided that this was the perfect opportunity to cut their grass, or finish off whatever weekend task they had been putting off.

So, between the motorbikes, the lawnmower going and the bang-bang or drilling, I was definitely not a happy camper.

If anybody walked into my flat at that time, they surely would’ve have had me committed. This woman ranting and raving with nobody around to hear it.

But, throughout that time, even though I was tempted, I would never actually have gone out and confronted anybody about what I thought was a major invasion of my little taste of heaven.

Fourie is not the only one to act on years of accumulated, anger and he certainly will not be the last. Remember just a couple of years ago at this time, when one Penny Sparrow went on the rampage?

Now this rant has always been completely beyond me.

Why would she be angry about people going to the beach? Everybody has a right to be there and if she didn’t feel like going to the beach why was she angry?

What I’m wondering is for how many years her anger built up? Was it the same as in Fourie’s case?

Only she can answer that as well, and she is nowhere to be found.

Sparrow now has to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life.

One moment of anger can really change your life.

All the good things you have built up over the years count absolutely squat when you start venting your anger in the public domain.

It’s not pretty. We are all human and, as in the case of Fourie, a leader who is looked up to, one moment of impatience in a time of anger will cost you a hundred days of sorrow.

And, with that, I wish you all a pleasant and patient Festive Season.