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If only we had the time


Feel the need to complain, vent and even throw a tantrum?

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Usually when someone starts off a discourse with “I’m not complaining”, what follows invariably seems to be a huge chunk of moaning.

So I might as well admit that I feel the need to complain, vent and even throw a tantrum.

Here’s the problem: It’s almost August, and I have NO idea where the time has gone! Just the other day I was trimming the Christmas tree, and it’s almost time for it to be set up again.

It’s not just the tree that’s the problem, it’s the passage of time in general.

On Sunday night I had a dream that I was travelling with my family to a faraway city. I was a child again, and as Dad drove I noticed many people walking along next to the road we were travelling on. I remember thinking to myself in my dream, “Where are they going, and when will they ever get there?”

I wondered how long ahead of an appointment they’d have to leave home to be at their destination on time. I wondered if these poor sole-scuffing souls could make more than one plan per day, because walking to two destinations in a day would just be impossible.

When I woke up, it was 4.30am on Monday morning (yes, yesterday) and I started thinking about how convenient my life had become, and yet I wondered why I no longer have any time.

I have convenient liquid polish for my shoes – just apply and let dry; none of that old three-step drudgery of applying the polish, brushing it off and then buffing with a cloth.

I probably save at least 10 minutes right there!

I also don’t have to scratch through the cupboard to find a saucepan and wait for my milk to warm up on the stove, I simply zap it in its container in the microwave that’s another 10 minutes.

I haven’t even had breakfast, and already I’m 20 minutes ahead of the curve.

Before television and the Internet, only one person could read the newspaper at a time, so waiting to read the news would take at least 30 to 45 minutes now I read the news on my phone.

You do realise that at this point I have made up almost an hour, and I haven’t even left the house. If this carries on, I may get home yesterday! Time travel suddenly seems to be a very real possibility.

Now, I own a car, so I don’t have to walk anywhere, I can just zip along to several places in the morning and do all my business, saving up to two hours!

Lunch consists of two-minute noodles, and then at night the geyser hidden in the roof assures that I do not have to warm up three or four kettles of water to take a bath

Yet with all these conveniences and time-saving devices I am still standing on the brink of August with the bag of Christmas decorations in my hand, already dreading the schlepp of having to pack them away.

And so I decided yesterday to spend my Monday in the moment, not being too concerned about where time goes, but rather making the most of every NOW that I experienced.

I once read that time doesn’t really “march on”. It rather tends to tiptoe. There’s no loud parade, no fanfare, no stomping of boots to alert you to its passing. One day you turn around and it’s gone.

So I will try to enjoy now, making the most of the moments, because I’d hate to find myself in a position one day where I spend all my time trying to find something to do with the time I have been rushing around through life trying to save.