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FESTIVAL TIME: The 18th Gariep Arts Festival at the Oppenheimer Gardens. File image

Insanity has been defined as the act of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes to your actions.

According to this definition, Kimberley is full of crazy people, many of whom will be flocking to the Oppenheimer Gardens this weekend, if for no other reason but to have something new to complain about.

Let me rephrase that. Many residents of the city will be heading to the Oppenheimer Gardens in search of new moaning material, only to realise that there is no new cause for complaint.

Instead, the masses will be reminded of why, 12 months ago, they vowed never to set foot at the Gariep Arts Festival ever again.

By the second week in September, every year, Kimberlites find themselves with long faces and empty pockets, having taken full advantage of the fact that on the first weekend of spring Kimberley offers something different.

More often than not, we are outspoken about the lack of entertainment, cultural activities and social occasions on offer in the Province. However, on the odd occasion something different does crop up that gives us options of ways to keep ourselves busy.

The problem is that these options come at a premium that usually leaves many very bitter and twisted, hyper-critical and feeling exploited and ripped-off.

By Monday, our newsroom is likely to be inundated with complaints, criticisms and curse words from people who claim they were robbed, but actually couldn’t hand over their money quickly enough.

As has become something of a tradition, this year’s Gariep Festival is going to be restrictively pricey, even exorbitantly expensive, the entertainment is going to be aimed at a particular target market, the stalls are going to be the same as they were last year and the year before that and the year before that.

Underaged drinkers will be gulping down overpriced booze and parents will have no choice but to dig deep into their pockets to appease screaming children looking for a cheap thrill.

Sorry if I seem a bit pessimistic but, in all honesty, I can’t remember the last time I spoke to a festival goer who did not feel a little (or a lot) shortchanged after an outing at “Gatiep”.

Yet, despite being well aware of these inevitabilities, the people keep going back for more.

By Monday, many would have vowed that 2017 was the last time that they set foot at this festival. They will complain about the entry fee at the gates, the entry fee to the shows, the entry fee to the beer tents and even the entry fee to pay an entry fee.

They will be up in arms about the inflated prices of those displaying their goods, the cost of food and drinks, especially alcohol, simultaneously moaning about the drunken, disorderly conduct of those in attendance, both young and old.

Basically, they will complain about everything and anything they can, to anyone who will listen, if for no other reason than to get the complaining out of their systems for at least 12 months.

By the second weekend in September, residents of Kimberley will be broke and feeling shortchanged, vowing to learn from the error of their ways and never set foot at another Gariep Festival. By the third weekend there is nothing to do in Kimberley and by the end of the month we are demanding to be entertained, at any cost.

By next September, our vows are forgotten, our boredom is overwhelming and our wallets are ready to be emptied.