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Duo aim to bring ‘revolutionary’ technology to Africa


Nanowave face mask has enabled company to create jobs while supplying what has become an essential item across the globe

Gino Lange and Dr Chad Marthinussen established Wave Innovate last year. Photo: Chad Marthinussen

A MEDICAL doctor and an IT boffin have teamed up to bring South Africans “First-World” technology at an affordable price. 

Dr Chad Marthinussen, 26, from Paarl, and his best friend, Gino Lange, 35, from Woodstock, launched their company Wave Innovate in January last year after a lengthy phone call at 2am between the pair. 

With their company still at its toddler stage, the duo have already seen significant success during a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has been crippling economies around the world. 

Their current best-seller and talk of the town is the Nanowave face mask, which has enabled them to create jobs while supplying what has become an essential item across the globe. 

“We envisioned the mask in early 2019 already as we saw a need for a reusable face mask within the country and the world. We have partnered with a distributor in Johannesburg and we were able to produce the Nanowave mask, which has a contour fitting and easy-fit earpieces, is washable and reusable for 30 days, and the best thing is it has a valve for easy breathing and talking. Through the sales we have managed to employ just over 1 000 people and save businesses, which has been amazing,” Marthinussen said. 

Taking all feedback and research into account, the duo are now researching and mobilising teams to improve the masks for consumers, delving into various sectors from health care to mining in the hopes of delivering the “must-have” masks in specialised fields.

The sleek and elegant masks are readily available in South Africa at major retailer Dis-Chem and masks for children in bright and fun colours will be available soon.

“This is not just on us. Proceeds made have allowed us to fund various feeding schemes in the Cape Winelands areas such as Paarl East, my neighbourhood and giving back as there is currently a need during these trying times,” Marthinussen said. 

Marthinussen, who left the medical field to focus on his business, said they are always looking into various ways to sanitise masks and bring forward the newest and latest gadgets. 

The company also sells smartwatches, wireless audio, electric bicycles and TV boxes. 

According to MyBroadband, the company’s Wave TV Box was named as one of the five best Google-certified Android TV boxes in South Africa. 

“With my medical background, I am very much into wellness and health. However, we are not only encapsulated into those sectors. Gino and I are always thinking out of the box. As a business, we are now positioning ourselves with technology that could add value to our economy post-Covid-19,” he said. 

With the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) upon us, Marthinussen says their thinking is to embrace it. 

“We want to bring First-World items to a country stuck between First and Third-World items,” he said.

“Our next product is going to be launched soon and is currently being manufactured. I cannot say much on this, but what I can say is it will be revolutionary technology in Africa,” he added.

– African News Agency (ANA)