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Don’t hesitate, castrate


Men are bad organisers, they cannot take pain, they crumple in the face of real opposition, they think from the centre of their own limited universe


AS UNTO the bow the cord is, so unto the man is woman; though she bends him, she obeys him, though she draws him, yet she follows: useless each without the other.”

This extract from Hiawatha, Henry Longfellow’s epic poem, sums up the potential for the beauty in a union between man and woman.

Which brings me to the topic for the day – gender violence.

Let’s face it: men who beat up women are thugs. They are bullies. They exploit physical advantages for combat that women don’t have.

But I am not going to lay into the cowards who punch and beat up women. I am not going to lecture men who father children and walk away. No, I am talking to the ladies.

Let’s face some truths.

Men are bad organisers, they cannot take pain, they crumple in the face of real opposition, they think from the centre of their own limited universe.

Women can take physical pain; they can accept second-place in a relationship; they are natural organisers and achievers; they think outside the box, not from the centre of their wombs.

Women are instinctive and instinctual. They can sense the issue at stake without talking it to death.

When a man courts a woman, he makes impossible promises. He says he will change the world, himself and the devil to get her to say a single, powerful and all-enfolding word: “Yes.”

When a woman says “Yes”, she means it. She accepts violence to her body in various forms that men wouldn’t even survive for a day. Think about their appearance just to please their mates. Think of the physical changes and discomforts of child-bearing. Consider, with some sense of humility, the endless hours she will sacrifice rearing the child that took you a second to create.

She will go from queen of glamour to lumbering baby-maker, complete with back-ache, morning sickness, weight-gain, all the travail of 270 days of growing your child. She doesn’t take a break for a beer or for fun with the girls.

Her preparation for the coming life is comprehensive, careful and assiduous. She does all of this and she ends up getting a nod while you strut around handing out cigars.

Ladies, you have the power. You are walking miracles, zones of comfort and encouragement, adventurers who trust scallywags who sell themselves well and then renege. I say: after courtship and landing and bedding you at the first indication of violence, cut loose. Walk away. If he does it once, he is going to do it again.

Don’t rehabilitate.

Show him the door, or walk out yourself. The law doesn’t really protect you. You don’t need violence of any sort. You don’t deserve it. Don’t hesitate. Take the walk or throw him out.

Don’t hesitate. Castrate.