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Dogged determination


I didn’t realise we had such a movement here in our little city

File photo: ANA

I’VE STARTED painting lessons. After all, they say you have to explore the creative side of your brain before you get too old.

The experts also say that doing something like this supposedly keeps your brain “healthy and young”. I’m thinking maybe I left it too late. I think that part of my brain matter has set sail for the green, green grass beyond.

It was a nice Saturday morning outing which definitely beat the end of the month rush at the shops. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but you would swear a whole new movement of doomsday preppers had run out of their stock and needed to replenish again.

I didn’t realise we had such a movement here in our little city.

I’m definitely not a card-carrying member in good standing of this mysterious new organisation. Hopefully they will approve my membership before it’s too late.

Maybe I should apply while I still have all my faculties.

Anyway so I was given the most basic of basics to paint. I was given step-by-step instructions and given a sample of what I had to paint.

The kind lady who gives the lessons was extremely patient with me as I kept on stuffing up. She would encourage me and tell me to hold my brush like “this” or like “that”; admonish me slightly for either using too much or too little paint. I tried so hard to put everything into practice that she was telling me.

But, I just didn’t get it right.

The worst was the shading. Your shading should be to distinguish between two objects. The way to accomplish that is with a thin line and feathering.

Put like that it seems very simple.

Trust me, it isn’t.

I have these thick lines all over the place. The only way you can distinguish between the objects on my painting is the two colours. Then you have to look extremely carefully to actually make out what I painted.

Just for the record it is supposed to be flowers. However, to me it just looks like two blobs of red and orange.

One thing that really sticks out to me that the kind lady said is, “Art is 95 percent observation.”

Obviously my observation level is just about zero.

No matter that my first foray into the artistic lifestyle was, in my eyes, a disaster – I will be going back.

I have this stubborn streak and dogged determination to master whatever I try. Failure just makes me stronger and no matter how long it takes I just hope the kind lady has patience I will get it right!

In my view, a person’s true character is shown by their determination to get things right and to never quit trying to make things better.

The worst character flaw a person can have is the dogged determination to hold on to something without actually getting it right and making things better.

We don’t have to look further than our own little city and Province and more especially our political leaders.

They will fight to the bitter end to keep their positions and possessions that they don’t seem to care about the very people who put them into power. How long has this ding-dong battle not being going on in our own city?

How long did Robert Mugabe not hold on before he was forced out? Can these people not see the signs? Instead of trying to make it right, they just seem to make the situation worse.

I know it’s not easy but sometimes when something hits you square between the eyes it is a sign to move on.

I will give my painting one more shot and if it doesn’t work out after the next go, I will quit I promise.