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Demanding it all


It’s just give me, give me. It is my right

File image. Picture: Steve Lawrence

SO I have decided to study again … well this is my third attempt. But, I think I have matured enough to be able to see it through this time. I also have my own personal motivation to do it. The only problem is that I will only be REALLY starting my life when I’m just about ready to retire.

The young people of today honestly don’t know what it was like for us growing up pre-1994. I was still one of the lucky ones that got my matric. In those days girls were almost encouraged to leave school in Standard 8 (Grade 10) and start working as a secretary, in a bank or, as in my case, the post office.

You stayed in that job until you retired. There was no “job hopping” in those days. It was what it was. 

The sad thing is, is that we accepted it. We had no goals, no ambitions. That was the way life was and you just went with it.

Nowadays young people are demanding education – and that it is paid for. Then when they eventually get their degrees they further demand that a job be given to them.

Firstly if they don’t get given the education they protest, if they don’t get given a job – they protest again.

It’s just give me, give me. It is my right.
What I want to know is whether the young people of today will ever feel that sweet satisfaction of self-accomplishment. Or will the just say, “I fought for what rightfully belonged to me.”

Yes I know I have wasted many, many years by not completing my degree but my years have not been wasted. I have been forced to eke out an existence on my own without the help of government.

I have built up a life of experiences which I will swop for absolutely nothing in this world – and furthermore nobody can take that away from me.

I had a dream that I wanted to become a reporter. Yes, it took me a very long time to achieve this dream. I had to fight for every path my career took. At one point I was in a secure position for quite a few years when another opportunity presented itself. I grabbed it with both hands but I was told that I would have to basically start over again and be on a three-month probation. I worked my butt off and here I am still today.

Also those lucky ones who went off to university when they finished matric had to sort out their accommodation whether it was at the university’s residence or student digs, that was your own problem. You also had to find a way to buy your own food. There was no NSFAS which gave you a voucher every day.

Now students are demanding that everything gets paid for them. Don’t they also want to throw in a travel and clothing allowance too while they’re at it?

As a result of their current protests they have lost almost a term of studies. And, if like me, they have to write their first exam in April already, I don’t know what they are going to do. I’m stressing. Maybe they will stage another protest demanding they be given a pass mark anyway.

All I’m saying is, don’t throw your opportunities away, make use of what you are given, but most of all try and accomplish something on your own without your hand stretched out for more.