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Consequence of choice


All I can say is I have enjoyed my tiny little foray into the artistic world

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SO I HAVE decided to continue with my painting lessons. I have accepted the fact that I will be no Picasso or Da Vinci, or even one of those talented unknowns you can buy on the street.

Nope, I have given up my grand dreams of quitting my job, dressing in a beret and thinking 10am is the perfect time to start sipping from my flask and just painting from 9-12 every weekday and Saturday from 9-1.

Sigh I guess I will just have to pursue this new passion of mine part-time.

The thing that I’m going to miss the most about attending the classes on a full-time basis is the people. Every day there was a different set and it was fun interacting with the different personalities.

It was almost like speed dating. Now I wish I could choose the people I would like to continue with. However, that would be boring too. Same faces every day.

All I can say is I have enjoyed my tiny little foray into the artistic world.

Although, per sé, I don’t mind being in the same room with the same people on a daily basis.

I take my hat off to the kind lady who gives the art classes. She has to face the same artists day after day. But, she remains cool, calm and collected.

She gives everybody the attention they demand from her without batting an eyelid.

And, if you are anything like me in the painting division, she patiently helps you to fix up your bugger ups. Never a harsh word or one of discouragement falls from her lips. She will always find a solution to the problem.

Politicians and elected office-bearers are in exactly the same position that she is and, just like her, chose to be in that position. Now they just have to do it and, instead of embracing it, they tend to shy away from it.

For many, as long as their nests are being feathered, stuff everybody else.

Instead of providing the flock with guidance, listening to their problems and trying to find a solution, they either go missing in action, shrug their shoulders or just make an empty promise which they know within their heart of hearts will never be fulfilled.

Recently the city went into an almost total shutdown. The people were crying out to those in authority. The community even made it very easy for them and told them exactly what they wanted.

So, instead of embracing the community, listening to them and trying to find a solution to the problems, they instead provided half-baked promises to the issues.

As far as memory serves, some of the demands included that the Sol Plaatje municipal manager and CFO to resign – instead they are put on suspension.

Another demand was that the Sol Plaatje executive mayor also tenders his resignation. This has, more or less, happened. He has supposedly handed in his resignation but is still occupying office until September 26.

Let’s see how this one plays out.

Just like the nice art lady who is there to guide and lead us, these people should also provide the leadership and guidance to the community.

I have decided to persevere; it is my choice to do so, and I have to deal with the consequence of my choice; exactly the same way the community needs to now deal with the consequences of their choices.