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Clean sweep for work team


We (ratepayers) should be encouraged to comment on the standard of work and the state the team left the area in

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I OWE an apology to the team of municipal workers who recently installed a new stormwater drain in the road in front of my house.

When they started the job about a week ago, I confess I was mildly amused by the slow, ponderous way they worked. I wrote about the man who set out the traffic cones at the start of each day – a perfectionist, who ensured every cone was positioned accurately.

Over the week I had plenty of time to watch the team in action, as my house overlooks the work site and provides me with a bird’s-eye view. I became increasingly impressed by the day.

The workers got on with the job at a steady pace, and although they never appeared unduly hurried, the project was completed in good time, drainage pipes neatly laid in a trench, all excavations filled and covered neatly and finally given a tarmac topping.

Even the bushes that had been chopped away to dig the trench were gathered and loaded. You can hardly see where they’ve been. I compare this job with some of the more chaotic excavations that have been tearing up the Fish Hoek valley recently and I am amazed.

I believe there should be some kind of official recognition for projects efficiently completed. I don’t know whether work teams stay together for several projects or if they are assembled at the start of each new job. I believe workers’ morale could be boosted by making them members of a team with a name – Charlie’s Team, maybe, or even Team Number 24, or whatever.

It could become a source of pride to have a little badge saying you were a member of the award-winning Fish Hoek Blue Team.

We (ratepayers) should be encouraged to comment on the standard of work and the state the team left the area in.

Too often we complain, but seldom praise. “My” team swept up every pebble and loaded them on to their lorry before leaving.

Two young girls came past immediately after the job was done, taking two small, matching white dogs for a walk. The dogs trotted over the freshly resurfaced pavement without even getting a paw dirty. That’s how clean the work site was.

I don’t know how work teams are identified, but I commend the Sunny Cove Stormwater Team for a job well done. Our city can be proud of you.

Last Laugh

An elegantly dressed lady strolled around the art exhibition, commenting on several of the paintings.

She paused in front of a still-life painting of two dead pheasants, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and a cut-glass goblet.

“How much is that one,” she asked the curator.

“Three thousand rand, madam,” he replied.

“That’s outrageous,” she snorted. “I saw one just like it yesterday for two-and-a-half.”

“It must have been of inferior quality, Madam.”

“No, it was even better. And the wine bottle was almost full. Half the wine in this one has been drunk already.”