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Beautiful and blinged


Beautiful horses and humans on show at the Flamingo Park Race tomorrow

Beautiful horses and beautiful fashions will be on show at the Flamingo Park Racecourse. Picture: Danie van der Lith

In the build-up to tomorrow’s Flamingo Park Race, I have found myself in unchartered territory as the last few weeks have left me immersed in all things horses.

For starters, I’ve never been much of a fan of any type of racing and while I am not ethically opposed to games of chance, I would hardly consider myself to be much of a gambler.

Even the prospect of seeing the most perfectly bred steeds, with the most sought after bloodlines money can buy, showcasing their genetic and athletic prowess, hardly tickles my fancy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. Beef, in particular. I find it absolutely delicious but my interest quickly tapers off when my options extend beyond rare, medium or well done.

However, we don’t eat horses.

Well, most of us don’t … not knowingly … anyway. To do so is frowned upon, for some reason.

Instead, we opt to watch these magnificent creatures trying to escape a beating from the jockey, as fast as they can, never realising that throwing the little person off their back may well be faster, simpler and more effective than trying to outrun him without success.

Fashion is also really not my thing as I struggle to see the logic in dressing to impress. In fact, I only wear clothes to preserve the modesty.

I certainly see no reason to wear someone else’s name on my clothing, nor in spending a fortune on a label in order to promote someone else’s brand or company.

This is an industry built on personal taste and preference, of which, I have neither.

When describing the public adoration for his favourite male model in the movie, Zoolander, Will Farrell’s character, Mugatu, summed up the fashion industry both eloquently and succinctly, stating: “He’s so hot right now, he could take a dog turd, wrap it up in tinfoil and sell it to the queen of England as earrings.”

I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not and don’t have much intention of finding out either, so if I did actually decided to glam up this weekend, I could quite possibly end up doing something ridiculous like viewing foil as fancy.

Therefore, the prospect of having to suit-up, in order to blend in with the masses, seems somewhat masochistic to me.

Simply put, rubbing shoulders with the bright, beautiful and blinged, while paying close attention not to step in something questionable, is hardly what I would usually see as an entertaining outing.

Nevertheless, I’m struggling to contain my excitement and have little doubt that my time at the track is going to be a fascinating experience.

Maybe, even an adventure.

Whether watching beautiful horses and humans prance around in their best threads is your thing or not, tomorrow’s racing is definitely going to be a worthwhile experience for all as it offers something different in a city where residents get bored with astonishing ease.

For anybody who has ever found themselves muttering, “There is nothing to do in this place”, the Flamingo Park Race gives us something to keep ourselves entertained.

This event is sure to offer something to all even if that something is simply an excuse to look and feel snazzy.