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A song and dance affair


A bunch of money is thrown at the campaign, the media gets involved, but our sisters and babies are continually getting butchered unabated.

File picture: Tracey Adams/African News Agency

THE 16 DAYS of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children has started, but there have already been so many incidents of violence against women and children.

I remember many, many years ago sitting at a press conference with the late Winkie Direko at the launch of this very campaign.

I remember asking her if this was not just another campaign where the talk was louder than actions. Her answer to me, “Stop being pessimistic. We are all in this together. It WILL make a difference.”

Sadly, Ma Winkie it doesn’t seem like it has had any impact over the years.

Some years it is worse than others, but it definitely has not got any better. A bunch of money is thrown at the campaign, the media gets involved, but our sisters and babies are continually getting butchered unabated.

I don’t know if throwing money at it actually helps. Instead of using that money to have a song and dance at some obscure stadium, rather put it in actual programmes that can help stop the abuse and killings. Although I doubt very much how much that is actually going to help as well.

In numerous cases women and children are often abused behind closed doors where the police don’t have a reach. In some instances women are totally cut off from reaching out for help by their abusive partners.

One case of severe abuse which really hit me was the man accused of dousing his girlfriend with petrol and burning her to death after the woman allegedly greeted her ex-boyfriend.

He has withdrawn his bail application and will remain in custody until his case concludes.

Mpho Thobane is now facing charges of arson and premeditated murder for the brutal killing of 32-year-old Viwe Dalingozi.

It is alleged Thobane carried out the gruesome murder of Dalingozi inside their Joburg apartment after an apparent argument regarding the deceased greeting her ex-boyfriend.

Thobane is said to have waited for Dalingozi to fall asleep before allegedly carrying out the shocking crime.

Dalingozi succumbed to her injuries in hospital later that day.

There are hundreds of other cases.

Right here on our own doorstep, a Kimberley man, who was already apparently out on parole for rape and murder, appeared in court on charges of stabbing his former girlfriend to death.

Mona Maklein died after she was stabbed twice in the heart, six times in her back and multiple times through her fingers.

It is believed Mona was first held hostage before she was stabbed to death.

Then another blamed “anger” and “neglect” for gunning down his ex-girlfriend.

Tyrone Pillay, who was convicted of gunning down his ex-girlfriend, Annelene Pillay, has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment by the Durban High Court.

A video captured on CCTV of 26-year-old Annelene being shot by Tyrone as she exited her workplace on South Coast Road in November 2016 went viral on social media.

Tyrone, 33, who told the court that he had a 10-year relationship with Annelene, pleaded guilty and said his actions were the result of anger and a feeling of neglect after she stopped taking his calls and ignored him.

He said he had heard through someone else that Annelene had moved on romantically which angered him.

He said in his guilty plea that he tried to communicate with her several times and tried to meet her in an attempt to get back together but she would not take his calls.

He said when all had failed he decided to track her car and traced her to her workplace.

He said he drove there and waited for her to come out of the building and fired two shots at her. She died on the scene.

This is just three of many cases in which the woman might have had a fighting chance if money wasn’t thrown into the water for some song and dance affair.