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Social media platforms face a reckoning over hate speech

After years of fuelling political polarisation, social media platforms are upping their game against bigotry and threats of violence.

Recent study on small mammal groups to aid conservation in Karoo

South Africa is at an energy crossroads and has identified the potential future economic and energy security benefits of the Karoo natural gas reserves (approximately 13 trillion cubic feet).

OPINION: Let us pay taxis the R20 000 they want

Upward of 15 million commuter trips daily would not happen without taxis, yet only buses and trains are subsidised by the government.

Sho’t Left solution for our hard-pressed National Treasury

The taxi industry flexed its muscles this week - reminding the government of what lies in wait if the taxi bosses don’t get their way.

Coronavirus jeopardising a ‘very, very finite’ workforce – Africa’s doctors, nurses

The coronavirus pandemic has tightened its grip on much of Africa, where reported cases have more than tripled over the last month, jeopardising overstretched medical teams as the need for care soars.

The big chill: How Africa is moving to battle ‘zombie’ appliances

Africa is often the last stop for cheap, outdated "zombie" fridges and air conditioners discarded mostly from homes in Europe and then illegally resold

We should never underestimate the emotive importance of statues

The problem is that in the US, the UK and South Africa there are numerous statues of men who were the personification of evil, says the writer

Being non-racial is just not enough, anti-racism action is the way...

What good are solemn pledges, of being “non-racial”, finding frequent easy flight in lofty rhetoric, but unable to hold water in everyday reality, asks the writer

Prohibition fever is enough to drive one to drink

We don’t need more rules, especially ones that are disproportionate and irrational, we just need to apply the ones that we have, fairly, uniformly and consistently, says the writer

OPINION: Autopsies reveal Covid-19 is no ordinary respiratory disease

The few autopsies that have been done have revealed that Covid-19 is no ordinary respiratory disease, says the writer