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Bores and inspirations

He never noticed that the Great Trek involved a gambling cowboy and a pretty barmaid in the Silver Star Saloon

Denial creates cycle of violence

There is common agreement that the violence was fuelled by a fight over resources and the state of the economy.

Designer death?

Struggle to bury inequality.

Are women their own worst enemies?

Women have a challenge to free themselves from always pulling down themselves.

Army brings little hope

Contrary to the expectations of many members of the public and officials, who consistently called for the deployment, there has been little improvement to the lives of those affected.

Activists to use drones in climate fight

Sightings of drones have disrupted Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Is the safety of vaping just a smokescreen?

Health experts warn of risks, manufacturers say devices are safe.

Key to a strong economy

Innovation can help navigate global economy risks - and we're proving we have what it takes ...

Freedom spiked with risk

Is the fact that more women drink than before a measure of increasing equality in society?

Human trafficking in southern Africa is on the rise

The region is ranked among top 10 trafficking destinations in the world.