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World needs answers – and closure

For plane passengers, there’s a one in 9821 chances of dying in the air - making it one of the safest modes of transport

Is Ferrari back in the driving seat?

As the world excitedly awaits the first F1 race of the season, there is a tangible feeling in the air that 2019 could be the return of the glory times for Ferrari.

Legs to die for

When I was growing up in the 1950s the fashion in furniture favoured rather ornate “linen-fold” pieces in imbuia wood with ball-and-claw feet

Hold your nose until racism smells better, Helen

Perhaps if we forget about racism, soon enough children will think of it as a fiction - until it hits them square on the jaw

Piet pampoenpit project

The reality is that the apples he grew didn’t really prevent people being hungry

Don’t hesitate, castrate

Men are bad organisers, they cannot take pain, they crumple in the face of real opposition, they think from the centre of their own limited universe

Looming police strike must be avert

“Where are these specialised units when station members are being killed left, right and centre without any ­promotion?”

Message lost in translation

To add fuel to this fire we have people who knowingly and deliberately try to withhold information from others

Consumers left reeling

There will be no quick-fix solutions to the economic malaise that we are grappling with as a country

Where value really lies

“We will solve the crime problem,” say the well-paid desk pilots, and sign a piece of paper transferring 100 policemen and women to a gang-ridden township.