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Days of sacred cows are a thing of the past

If a former president can be called to account, then there are no grounds for anybody else to place themselves against the country’s legal processes.

Too many sleepless nights

The past few winters have been incredibly mild and I have to throw off a blanket in the early hours of the morning

How much will the NHI cost SA?

The other key area that would allow for the roll-out of NHI, is the employment of more doctors, nurses and other health care professionals

Do you think Madiba would be proud?

Come on people, show me something! Anything to let me know it would have been the Big Man’s 101st birthday.

Koloane and his ilk must be brought to book

Koloane’s conduct exposes what is at the heart of state capture - lies, greed, disrespect for the oath of office and general thieving

At times, simple is best

I’ve met a new first, a system that orders me to use a virgin password, unused for any other purpose

All eyes on Mbalula over e-tolls

The rejection by citizens of the e-tolls project has had massive ramifications for national government and Sanral

A question of morality

Individuals who are waiting for a commission to say "tainted" or "untainted" don't have an ounce of morality

We need action, not talk

The murders this weekend at a shebeen in Philippi simply cannot be ignored because the frequency speaks of a larger problem in society

Art is much more than just a stitch in time

Lay out a row of chipped bricks or nail a cracked urinal to a plank and you can claim it’s packed with all sorts of deep social significance