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New broom sweeps clean

A lot of people have said that I’m wanting too much too soon. “Our democracy is still in its infancy. Give it a chance.”

X for a difference

The only problem is, I knew in my heart of hearts I wasn’t voting for a party, but a person. And it was at that point where I almost turned around and ran.

Living by the numbers

Drive through a tunnel and you’ll be told how many tons of rock were excavated to make it and how many vehicles pass through it every year.

Ruling party put on notice by electorate

These numbers, and a proliferation of political parties, point to an electoral restlessness where voters are looking hard for real progress and better

It’s Greek to me

For starters, we have 11 official languages to choose from. Which one was voted the sexiest? If it was English, which brand of English?

Ramaphosa facing a gigantic task

Division in the ANC, and the fierce politics that go with it, will make it a tricky, arduous battle.

A closer look at English

Consider this language and its influence on your life. Then hold your breath and wait for next week’s column

Well done,South Africa

Millions of South Africans heeded the clarion call to go and cast their votes and make their voices heard in shaping the future of this country

Will your ‘X’ burst the bubble?

In other words, if Mommy or Daddy ‘X’ doesn’t come in to scrub our dirty bits, are we mature enough to do it ourselves?

A taste of glory for the pride of the Winelands

In what is very much a high-pressure competition, Stellenbosch spent over four months at the top of the log