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Youth chamber membersface possible suspension


Members of the NCYCCI believed that a meeting should be be urgently convened to discuss the fitness of the current leadership to hold office

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THE PROVINCIAL board of directors of the Northern Cape Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCYCCI) is expected to meet next week to decide whether some of its members will be suspended, amid allegations that funds allocated to uplift young entrepreneurs were instead diverted to enrich certain individuals belonging to the chamber.

Whistleblowers said that the NCYCCI received over R1 million for the provincial conference that was held in July, where companies owned by members of the NYCCI were allegedly contracted to provide services that were never delivered.

They said that marketing and promotional material to the value of R420 000, jackets, beanies, scarves, notebooks and pens worth
R295 850, and media and digital communication material amounting to R242 099 had never “seen the light of day” at the conference.

An amount of
R110 000 was apparently spent on six laptops, six printers and another five laptops for regional secretaries and another one for the provincial secretary. A breakdown of costs for the hire of a Kombi, fuel and car wash amounted to R270 000.

NCYCCI provincial secretary Benton Sithebe said all outstanding payments were paid for and supplied for the conference, except for the delegate packages that would be provided at the next provincial programme.

The treasurer of the NCYCCI was removed and an acting treasurer was appointed.

Members of the NCYCCI believed that a meeting should be be urgently convened to discuss the fitness of the current leadership to hold office.

A letter of suspension, dated November 21, was circulated, where it was stated that members serving on the provincial interim committee or who were service providers during the interim period, would be suspended pending an investigation into allegations against them.

NCYCCI provincial president Edward Matiwane said yesterday that a board meeting would be held on Wednesday next week to discuss the possible suspensions.

“No member has been officially suspended yet.”

He added that the provincial structure had instructed the region to reinstate the treasurer, although sources reported that this had not been done yet.

Meanwhile, Victor Segami from Warrenton, who previously served as a co-ordinator on the provincial interim committee, expressed displeasure over a previous media report, which he distanced himself from, as he found it “misleading and false”.

“I would just like to express my displeasure at your article where my name was used, without approval. I was not contacted for comment. Nothing that was mentioned in the article pertaining to me is true.”

In the previous report a Victor Segami was quoted after he had contacted the DFA.

He stated that he was supposed to have been elected as the deputy chairperson of the NCYCCI in the region, but was instead ousted after he was accused of being a “sell-out.”