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Young scientists compete in regional final


Pupils were advised to take time to enjoy their research and inventions

THINKERS: Hundreds of pupils from Kimberley and surrounds took part in the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists Regional Finals that was held at the Mayibuye Centre on the weekend. Picture: Soraya Crowie

MORE than 300 schools in the Kimberley region participated in the annual Eskom Expo for Young Scientists Regional Finals at the Mayibuye Multipurpose Centre in Galeshewe on the weekend.

Pupils from the various schools competed for a chance to represent their region and the Province at the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists International Science Fair which takes place annually at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre in Boksburg in Johannesburg.

They also stood a chance of winning coveted prizes such as bursaries and scholarships, mobile science kits and even the chance to represent South Africa at other prestigious international science fairs.


The academic director of Eskom Expo for Young Scientists, Krishnie Naidoo, urged pupils to explore their creativity through science. “Scientific research requires a happy mix of logic, creativity and hard work. As a young scientist you are now part of a remarkable community of creative thinkers who have a systematic way of solving problems. Belonging to this community comes with a responsibility. It requires practising science with honesty, integrity, responsibility, modesty and diligence, where there is respect for all things, living and non-living. Scientists do not only seek solutions to problems but also ensure that their work is ethical and beneficial to all life,” said Naidoo.

She advised pupils to also take time to enjoy their research and inventions.

“In your research, do not become absorbed in the answers only, but focus on the questions, because good research starts with a deep understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. Irrespective of the level of your research, remember that whatever you do, do it well and enjoy what you do.

“The outcome of this competition should not define you but should spur you on to greater achievements. At the end of this science fair, leave having learnt at least one new thing. If you achieve this, then you are a winner,” Naidoo advised.