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Young boy’s rape shocks


“I did not think much of it as the shop is also close by. I was shocked when he returned home and told me that he had been raped”

AN 11-year-old boy started his school holidays on a traumatic note after he was allegedly raped by a 24-year-old man, who is known to him, on Saturday night.

The family of the child indicated that they were shocked when the minor told them that he had been raped by a man who stays just six houses from their home.

They said the child told them that he was raped in a ditch and the suspect had threatened to kill him if he told anyone about the incident. The mother of the child said the incident happened after the child returned from visiting family in Riemvasmaak.

“My son was spending the day in Riemvasmaak where he visited friends and family. The family from Riemvasmaak dropped him off later that evening at around 9pm. My child then asked me for a R2 and I asked him what he wanted to do with a R2 at that hour, but I gave him some money when he kept on asking.

“The children from the street were still playing outside and my son went to them. I saw the children playing and some sitting in the street so I was not worried, plus it is school holidays so the children play outside until late. When I went to see where my son was a bit later, I heard that he went to the shop.

“I did not think much of it as the shop is also close by. I was shocked when he returned home and told me that he had been raped,” she said. She said her son was crying when he recounted his ordeal.

“My son told me that he was on his way back home from the shop when he saw a man running towards him. He said that he tried to run away but the man caught up with him at the corner of Mosamo Street. He said the man searched him and found the R10 I had given him.

“He said the man took him to a ditch behind Tswelelang where he undressed him. He took off the child’s pants and his underwear. My son said he was raped and the man did not use any protection. He even threatened my child, ordering him not to scream or to tell anyone about the incident. He then took him back to the corner of Mosamo Street.

“The man told my son to steal some money the next day as he would be walking past my house and my son must give him the money,” she said while crying.

She said she immediately took her son to be examined. “My child could not sit afterwards. He was not bleeding but said that it was painful to sit. The doctor gave him some medication,” she said.

The suspect was apparently arrested by the police on Tuesday. The family of the child said they were elated that the suspect is now in police custody.

“We know this man very well. He grew up in front of us and his grandmother stays just a few houses from us. We cannot believe that he could do such a hurtful and disgusting thing to our child,” they said.

They said the grandmother of the suspect had apologised to the family. “We do not hold any grudges or bad feelings towards the grandmother as she was also scared of her grandchild. People in the community said this man used to break in at houses and steal. Even his own grandmother used to sleep with weapons in order to protect herself against him. She is also relieved that he has been arrested,” they said.

They said the child left for Gauteng yesterday. “We are happy that he is able to spend some time elsewhere, however, we are worried for when he returns. The people assisted in searching for the suspect on Monday, but because he was hiding we could not find him. Community members know what happened and have been very supportive.

They indicate that the law should deal with the suspect speedily.

“We want this man to be locked away. He has done a dreadful thing to a very young child. Our child seems okay for now, but we are concerned about his mental state. He did not show any signs of trauma except for the pain, but we are very hurt by the incident,” they said.

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