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Workers ‘trash’ Northern Cape municipality

Pictures: Supplied

Workers at the struggling Phokwane Local Municipality are concerned that they will not be paid on Friday.

WORKERS at Phokwane Local Municipality threw piles of trash in front of the municipal offices on Wednesday as they demanded their salaries and salary increases.

A bulldozer was also used to move bags of refuse to block the entrance of the premises.

The offices were closed.

The workers are concerned that they will not be paid on Thursday, as the keys to the office of the acting municipal manager, Kealeboga Gaborone, were confiscated last week to prevent her from entering the office.

“The acting municipal manager is the only person permitted to sign off the payrolls. If we do not get answers by the end of Wednesday, we will intensify our actions,” said the angry workers.

“We do not want the municipality to be looted, so officials can get their hands on funds to sponsor their election campaigns. The municipality should not be used for political purposes or to sow divisions. We cannot do our work or ensure that service delivery takes place because we do not have the tools or resources.”

Gaborone, who was seconded to Phokwane Municipality, was recalled by Frances Baard District Municipality on September 13, although she has not returned yet.

The EFF obtained an interdict against the municipal manager, Zithuele Nikani, to prevent him from taking office, as they believe that proper procedures were not followed when he was appointed.

The court ordered the reinstatement of Gaborone.

Phokwane Municipality did not respond to media enquiries.

Workers at Phokwane Municipality threw piles of rubbish in front of the municipal building on Wednesday as they demanded their salaries and salary increases. Pictures. Supplied

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