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Woman murdered in front of nine-year-old son


The man who allegedly stabbed Danelle van der Linde, 28, to death in front of their nine-year-old son has handed himself over to the police.

Seen from left are: Melzeandre Cherry, Bianca Saal, the sister of the deceased, and Shaine Griqua. Picture: Danie van der Lith

THE MAN who allegedly stabbed Danelle van der Linde, 28, to death in front of their nine-year-old son has handed himself over to the police.

Community members searched for the suspect throughout the night after he fled the murder scene on Sunday afternoon.

A prayer chain was held on Monday at the house in Floors where Van der Linde was killed.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Dikeledi Gopane said the Kimberley SAPS were investigating a case of murder after a woman was stabbed in her back and the side of her neck, allegedly by her boyfriend.

“Paramedics declared her dead on the scene after trying to save her life,” said Gopane.

She added that the suspect handed himself over to the police and would appear before the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court soon.

Bianca Saal said the suspect was lying on the bed with her sister at her home shortly before she was murdered.

“I heard him complain that my sister didn’t want to give him attention and maybe he tried to force himself on her and she rejected his advances,” said Saal.

“My sister was three-and-a-half months pregnant and when they conducted the autopsy they found out that she was expecting a boy. My sister and the suspect also share a 12-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. Junior is extremely traumatised because he witnessed his mother being killed.”

Saal stated that the suspect arrived at her house at around 6am on Sunday to celebrate Junior’s birthday.

“I asked him why he came so early and advised him to get some rest as it looked as if he hadn’t slept for days on end.

“Danelle went to withdraw money for the birthday cake at Knapsak and I was anxious for her to return home. Upon her return home, she took a nap and the suspect came over again at around lunchtime.”

Saal said that she rushed to her sister’s bedroom where she heard “blood-curdling screams”.

“I saw the suspect running out of the kitchen. I ran to assist my sister and there was blood everywhere. She was struggling to breathe and wanted to say something but she couldn’t get the words out as her tongue was swollen.”

Saal indicated that her sister and the suspect were seeing each other “on and off”.

“He was staying with his parents and my sister and her children were living with me. I advised her to cut ties with him completely as he was abusive and intimidated her on a regular basis. He was possessive and jealous and threatened that he would kill her if he couldn’t have her. Danelle was faithful to him – they were together for 15 years. She wanted to obtain an interdict against him but he said that he would tear it up.”

A close friend, Melzeandre Cherry, said that she travelled with Van der Linde to Bloemfontein on Saturday.

“She wasn’t herself and seemed upset. I asked her what was wrong and it was as if she knew that something ominous was going to happen. We went to Lucid Lounge that evening and I dropped her off at home at around 3am. She called me to say the suspect was looking for her. He was aggressive and I had to separate them. Let this be a lesson for all women who are trapped in abusive relationships,” said Cherry.

Shaine Griqua, from the Shaine Griqua Advice and Development Centre, said they were trying to find a social worker or psychologist to volunteer to counsel the boy and his family.

“It will be very difficult for him as he lost his mother on the same day as his birthday, where she was killed in a brutal manner. The family have not slept since the incident took place,” said Griqua.

He added that the police “took a long time” before they arrived on the scene.

Griqua said that family members of the suspect handed him over to the police on Monday.

“His twin brother is a prison warder and he convinced him to hand himself over. The families have made peace with each other and do not harbour any bitter feelings.”

He stated that Van der Linde intended to join the gender-based violence and femicide unit at the advice and development centre on June 1.

“As a survivor of an abusive relationship, she was keen to help other women in the same situation. She said she wanted to leave her boyfriend but he was insistent. We advise women to rather walk away from abusive relationships.”

Danelle Van der Linde was murdered, allegedly by her boyfriend, on Sunday. Picture: Supplied
Shariefa Ferris, a friend of the family. Picture: Danie van der Lith
Shaine Griqua from the Advice and Development Centre. Picture: Danie van der Lith
Family and friends console each other outside of the home where Danelle Van der Linde was murdered in Floors, Kimberley. Picture: Danie van der Lith
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