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Woman falls to death from flats


“We were shocked as we did not hear anything or expect her to jump through the living room window.”

A 65-YEAR-old woman, Tombana Mirriam Jas, died after she apparently fell from the first floor of Edworks Flats, in the Kimberley CBD, where she lived with her niece.

The incident occurred on Friday morning and Jas’ body was discovered by people passing the building on their way to work.

Her niece, Beaty Dywili, said she was not even aware that her aunt was lying dead in the alley between OBC Chicken and the block of flats until a neighbour informed her.

“The incident happened after 7am. We were already up and getting ready for the day. Jas usually sleeps in the living room and I was busy getting the children ready inside the bedroom.

“My neighbour came to the flat and told me that my aunt was lying in the passage. He told me that he noticed people standing and looking into the passage after they said a woman had fallen from one of the flats. When he went to look for himself, he then saw that it was my aunt lying there,” said Dywili.

“We were shocked as we did not hear anything or expect her to jump through the living room window.”

According to Dywili, Jas was mentally ill and they had to “keep a close eye on her”.

“Jas was married to my uncle. We took her in after my uncle died as she was alone. She stayed with myself, my husband and our children.

“She used to help me with the children . . . but she had mental problems. She would talk to herself and even hear voices calling her. We had to stop her from running out of the flat several times when she heard voices calling her.”

Dywili said that Jas was afraid to sleep in the bedroom. “She used to sleep in the living room. The children would sleep in the bedroom.”

Dywili added that the family are saddened by the manner in which Jas died.

“We never expected her to die in this manner. It is heartbreaking that we did not even hear her fall. We could have stopped her if she attempted to jump.”

A section of Du Toitspan Road was cordoned off to traffic and the public so that forensics members could remove the body.

The store owners next to the block of flats said they were shocked to hear about the incident.

“We only saw a high presence of police when we opened our store. We did not know that someone had died. It is very sad that someone would die so early in the morning,” they said.

Police spokesperson Captain Olebogeng Tawana said that the police have opened an inquest docket .

“An inquest docket has been opened by the Kimberley police following the death of a 65-year-old woman. The woman’s body was found lying on the pavement.

Any information that can assist us to solve this investigation can be communicated to the investigating officer Warrant Officer, Pam Mafaro, on 082 3020 407 or 053 838 4200,” said Tawana.

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