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Woman arrested for killing boyfriend


“He asked her what she was doing when she suddenly stabbed him in the chest.”

A 47-YEAR-old woman was arrested on a charge of murder after she allegedly stabbed her 29-year-old boyfriend in the chest with a kitchen knife.

According to eyewitnesses the deceased, Letlhogonolo Godfrey Dinokana, was visiting his sister in Lerato Park at the time of the incident.

“He was sitting in the yard, talking and drinking beer when the suspect arrived at around 5.30pm on Monday evening. He mentioned that she had come to cause trouble.”

They stated that the suspect then slapped Dinokana.

‘”He told her that he would go home after he had finished drinking his beer.”

Neighbours said the suspect apparently went to her home in Galeshewe and returned a short while later with a kitchen knife and a stone.

“Dinokana was walking at the back of the housing development when it appeared as if she was going to hit him with the stone.

“Dinokana did not fight back. He asked her what she was doing when she suddenly stabbed him in the chest. There was not a lot of blood, we only saw that his T-shirt was slightly torn. A few minutes later he fell to the ground and died. The knife was, however, covered in blood.”

According to the neighbours, family members had previously tried to persuade the deceased to leave the suspect.

“They started dating in 2017 and were living together.”

Lerato Park resident Reverend Daniel Nduku, who called the police, said that the suspect tried to flee from the scene.

“The community assisted in detaining the woman until the police arrived. We told her to retrieve the knife that she had thrown into the bushes. I do feel sorry for the suspect because she explained that she did not mean to kill him.”

A family friend of the deceased, Reverend Mathlomola Mongale, expressed shock over the incident.

“Dinokana was a steel worker in Kathu and was mostly away from home. He was a peace loving man, who was skilled in his job.”

Police spokesperson Captain Bashoabile Kale yesterday confirmed that a 47-year-old woman was arrested on charges of murder on Monday in Lerato Park.

“It is alleged the couple were coming from a local drinking place and were on their way home when the woman pulled out a knife and stabbed the deceased once in the chest after an argument. The deceased died on the scene.

“Members of the community, who witnessed the incident, arrested the suspect and handed her over to the police. The suspect was taken into custody for murder and will appear in court soon.”

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