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‘We will fix it’


The cost to repair infrastructure is estimated to be in the region of R60 million

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SOL PLAATJE Municipality is confident that it will address the sanitation challenges plaguing the city within the next 10 days, where the cost to repair the infrastructure is estimated to be in the region of R60 million.

Municipal spokesperson Sello Matsie said yesterday that the main sewerage pipeline from Gogga Pump Station to the Homevale Waste Water Treatment Plant was under construction.

“As soon as this project is completed, the challenges of conveying sewage to the Homevale Waste Water Treatment Plant will be resolved. The collapsed sewer outfall in the Homevale area is also receiving attention.”

Matsie explained that the complex infrastructure challenges required “detailed planning and large financial provisions”.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation has assisted the municipality with funding for the main sewerage pipeline between Gogga Pump Station and the Homevale treatment plant. Internal funds were used to implement interim intervention, until adequate funding was sourced to effect permanent solutions.”

Matsie added that the total cost of addressing the sewerage problems, including current projects, was in the region of R60 million.

“There are municipal teams dedicated to sanitation services attending to several areas in the city including Beaconsfield, Cassandra, Greenpoint/Diamond Park and Galeshewe and its surrounding areas. Management has been reinforced by dedicating Hennie Harding as the manager to focus specifically on sanitation services. External service providers are also used when necessary.”

Matsie added that the municipality had been in discussion with the Department of Water and Sanitation regarding these issues.

“The municipality is committed to complying with the directive that is legally binding. Its conditions have to be met as far as reasonably, economically and practically possible.

“The municipality is already attending to these challenges.”

Matsie pointed out that some technical and complex matters could take more than 10 days to complete.

“Actions that are not taken at the time of the directive shall be taken within the prescribed time frame. The Sol Plaatje Municipality is committed to addressing and resolving the current sanitation challenges and is convinced that it shall succeed.

“Our communities and residents are urged to use the infrastructure responsibly. Objects that are removed from the sewerage system during clearing of blockages are not supposed to be there in the first place. Our teams are removing large rocks and other foreign objects, which exacerbates the challenges of the ageing and overloaded infrastructure.”