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We still support Block – ANC


“We wish him all the best and we continue to support him. He was a capable leader of the ANC.”

John Block

ANC Provincial chairperson, Zamani Saul, has maintained that his predecessor, John Block, is innocent, despite being found guilty of corruption and money laundering in the Northern Cape High Court in 2016 relating to government leases that were awarded to Trifecta.

Saul stated that they were waiting for the outcome of the ruling of the Supreme Court of Appeal on the matter.

“We wish him all the best and we continue to support him. He was a capable leader of the ANC.”

Saul added that they had identified the persons behind the court application challenging the outcome of the provincial elective conference in Colesberg last year as well as the election of the regional executive committee.

He refrained from specifying who exactly was funding the court application as well as how much money was being used to fund the legal process.

“Some ANC members are challenging the outcomes of the 8th provincial conference and the four regional conferences. As the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) we have full confidence in the judiciary and we are looking forward to the conclusion of this matter, the sooner the better.”

Saul said “significant progress” had been made to ensure that this matter was heard before the court.

“We are deeply disturbed after having established the identity of the people who are paying the legal costs for this case. This is a matter that we took up with the National Executive Committee (NEC) and obviously there will be consequences for those deployees of the ANC involved in this.

“It is apparent that this case is not about ANC members and processes, it’s about corrupt and greedy business interests that are deeply uncomfortable with the current PEC.

“Their vile intentions are to use the courts to install their own PEC as some form of a business investment. As the PEC we will fight this parasitic business network tooth and nail to protect the public resources; which are meant for the development of our Province.”

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga pointed out that a meeting was held with the ANC NEC regarding Block.

“A decision was taken that structures of the ANC would not be allowed to mobilise members or defend any comrade who is at odds with the law, who has been charged or has to appear in court. While members are allowed to support them in their personal capacity, they are not permitted to do so wearing any ANC branding.”