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We do not have a water crisis – mayor


According to the Sol Plaatje executive mayor, the current water interruptions being experienced by Kimberley residents are a temporary discomfort to avoid a water shutdown later in the year.

Sol Plaatje Municipality executive mayor Kagisho Sonyoni. Picture: Supplied

THE CURRENT water interruptions being experienced by Kimberley residents are a temporary discomfort to avoid a water shutdown later in the year.

This is according to the Sol Plaatje Municipality executive mayor, Kagisho Sonyoni, who said the current water interruptions are for the greater good.

Sonyoni said that other than the Newton Reservoir not being at full capacity, there is no water crisis in the city.

“We do not have a water crisis. The municipality is still able to provide water to residents. We have a challenge with the levels at the Newton Reservoir. However, it is not a crisis. We are currently attending to that challenge and conducting repair work to address the problem,” said Sonyoni.

“We have been in constant communication with residents and have been giving updates to community members on the water situation. We are conducting work at the old purification plant at Riverton and in order for that work to be carried out, we need to lower the water pressure in the pipelines.”

Sonyoni dismissed rumours that the city will be hit with another water shutdown in the coming months.

“We are currently working on the challenges we have in order to avoid a water shutdown in the coming months. We do not want another water shutdown in December this year.

“Our temperatures are high in December and it is a very busy time of the year for most residents. Many residents have guests visiting for the festive season and we do not envision a water shutdown in December. Hence, we now want to increase the water levels at the reservoir as we do not want to be left with a situation where we have no water in our reservoir.”

The president of the Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nocci), Dudley Dally, accused the municipality of not being truthful about the real reason for the water interruptions.

Dally said Nocci is planning on visiting the purification plant to get an accurate picture of the matter.

“The municipality has added another water interruption on top of the nightly water interruptions. People now have to go without water between 11am and 3pm. This is a clear indication that the municipality is not pumping enough water for the entire city,” said Dally.

“They also turn off the water valves of high-lying areas without any warning to residents. When people open their taps, they are mostly greeted by dry taps.

“The municipality has been leading us around the bush. We demand a tour by Friday, October 20, to see the working conditions of the water infrastructure. We need clear answers to give to the business community in the city as their businesses are gravely affected by these interruptions.”

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