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#WaterUpdate Breaks still need to be fixed


A problem with the line near the mental hospital was encountered as there was still water in the pipe.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality is expected to resume the production of water from the Vaal River soon.

This is according to municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, who said shortly before lunchtime that the inlet connections for the new pumps at Riverton were “99 percent complete”. “We are currently just tightening up.”

Once the connections have been complete, a decision will be taken to resume pumping from the Vaal River.  “This process involves the extraction of water from the river and the purification – this process takes about six hours and then only can we start pumping to Kimberley.”

Besides connecting the new pumps at Riverton, the municipality also made use of the opportunity to fix the three large breaks on the main water line from Riverton to Kimberley. “The breaks at Superstone and 3 SAI are progressing according to schedule and are almost finished. However, we encountered a problem with the line near the new mental hospital as there was still water in the pipe.” Matsie said it was believed that the water was coming from the mental hospital. “We have now managed to isolate the pipe and are able to drain the water so that work on fixing the leak can continue.”

He pointed out that water could not be pumped to the city from Riverton until all three of the leaks on the pipe had been fixed, including the one at the mental hospital. “This requires cutting the broken section of the pipe and connecting a new pipe. It is not a tedious job, however, and it should not be a problem now that we have drained the water.”

Once all three leaks have been repaired, the pumping of water from Riverton to the Newton Reservoir can commence. “Work on the pipe at the intersection of Butlftontein and Dalham roads has been completed.”

“Only once there is water in the system again will we be in a position to see if there are any leaks or issues but if these are picked up, it will just be a matter of tightening some screws.”

He said the decommissioning of the old water line to the Sol Plaatje University and the recommissioning of the new pipe was also under control. “This pipe can be isolated from the Newton Reservoir.”

He added that the municipality was still confident that water would be restored to the city by tomorrow morning.