Home News Water leaking from underground pipe for months – Galeshewe residents

Water leaking from underground pipe for months – Galeshewe residents


Residents say that the matter has been brought to the attention of Sol Plaatje Municipality, but “nothing has been done”

Pictures: Boipelo Mere

RESIDENTS living near to the Galeshewe Open Air Arena say they have been complaining for months about water that is bubbling up from an underground pipe in front of a local car wash, but nothing has been done about it.

The clean water is flowing down the street and has started pooling in front of the Department of Education building.

The residents said they contacted Sol Plaatje Municipality as soon as they noticed the problem, but their pleas for intervention have fallen on deaf ears.

They said that the leakage had started in September last year.

“Nothing is being done and the municipality is turning a blind eye. The flow of water coming from the pipe seems to be getting stronger and is turning the street into a disaster area,” said one of the residents.

“We even went to the extent of calling the mayor for intervention last weekend, but he only made empty promises.”

Workers at the nearby Department of Education building have meanwhile complained that the water is pooling in front of the main gate, making it difficult for them to access their workplace.

“The entrance has turned into a mess, with mud and potholes. Our car tyres are being destroyed,” said a worker.

“It is so disturbing that clean water is being wasted,” added another worker.

Sol Plaatje Municipality has indicated that the complaint has been brought to its attention by officials of the department, but not on the dates referred to by the residents.

“The matter is with the water works department and will be given its due attention,” said municipal spokesperson Sello Matsie.

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