Home News Water conservation still a priority in NC despite overflowing rivers – dept

Water conservation still a priority in NC despite overflowing rivers – dept


Water levels in the Northern Cape have surpassed the 100% mark

The Riverton low bridge. Pictures: Danie van der Lith

WHILE the water storage capacity in the Northern Cape has surpassed the 110% mark this week, the Department of Water and Sanitation has however warned residents to save water.

Video: Danie van der Lith

The department said on Thursday that water conservation remains a priority.

“Water storage in the Northern Cape is this week at 110.1% full. However, the Department of Water and Sanitation warns that water conservation remains a priority as South Africa is a water-scarce country, ranking as the 30th driest in the world. Furthermore, the Northern Cape is the driest province in the country. All water users are urged to continue to use water wisely and sparingly,” the department said.

The department said that the dams in the Province are filled to capacity.

“The Vaal Dam is 102.99% full, with two sluice gates remaining open after two gates were closed earlier in the week, and another one yesterday. Bloemhof Dam is at 111.3%, Vaalharts storage Weir 70.65%, Douglas Storage Weir 138.5% and spilling, while the Spitskop storage weir is 111.4% full.

“In the Lower Orange System, the Vanderkloof Dam is at 106.36% of its storage capacity and spilling at 579 m3/s and a further 371 m3/s is passing through the turbines to generate additional electricity for Eskom.”

The department added that the height of some rivers in the Province has risen.

“Water height in metres at Marksdrift is 2.281m, at Katlani just below the confluence where the Vaal River merges into one with the Orange River, the height is 5.276 metres high, at Prieska 4.601 metres, at Upington 5.218 metres and at Blouputs just below the Augrabies Fall it is at 3.08 metres,” said the department.

It also urged residents to adhere to the safety measures implemented to avoid flooding.

“Disaster management teams and safety measures remain in place and all water users, residents and motorists are urged to co-operate with safety measures with regards to closed roads and to move activities away from possibly flooding rivers, dams, islands and water bodies.”

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