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WATCH: It’s time to ‘Back Die Bokke’


Move over Leon Schuster, there's a new anthem on the scene.

Afrikaans rapper Early B ft Justin Vega have crafted a hot anthem for rugby supporters to sing along as they 'Back Die Bokke'. Picture: Screengrab

Cape Town – South Africa has a long-storied history with Rugby World Cup anthems. Typically the first that usually comes to mind for many is ‘Hie Kommie Bokke’ by Leon Schuster.

However, there is a new song on the scene and it is ‘Back Die Bokke’ by Afrikaans rapper Early B ft Justin Vega.

The Springboks have world rugby on high alert and predictions are they will be the typhoon to hit championship.

Besides being the nation’s team, the Springboks are also proving to be winners among Japanese locals where crowd attendance at open training sessions has consistently been close to 10000. They have the advantage of having played a warm-up match against hosts Japan, with these two teams the only ones to have experienced local conditions as part of their preparations.

The Springboks’ showdown with the All Blacks has everyone talking, with the game expected to be the biggest Pool match of the weekend and many are calling it the first proper match of the tournament and a rehearsal for the final.

Regardless of whoever ends up in the final, South Africans will have – other than our national anthem – a groovy and catchy song to sing thanks to Early B. 

The video for ‘Back Die Bokke’ has nearly 40 000 views on YouTube and is already being shared across other social networks.

The song doesn’t shy away from dissing other teams, and their supporters, before affirming why the Springboks are the superior team to support. 

While the Rugby World Cup will test just how superior the team actually is, South Africans will at least have an awesome song to sing along to as they support the team.