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Waiting in vain for matric certificate


“The provincial Education Department is not responsible for the issuing of matric certificates"

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A CAREER in the South African Police Service (SAPS) is hanging in the balance for a 28-year-old Kimberley woman, Nancy Leburu, due to the apparent failure of the Northern Cape Department of Education to issue her matric certificate.

Leburu said she matriculated in 2009 from Dr EP Lekhela High School but amended two of her subjects at Tetlano High School in 2016.

“I rewrote two subjects, Geography and History, in 2016. I have been waiting for my updated matric certificate since September 2016,” said Leburu yesterday.

“I have been to the Education Department several times since then and was sent back and forth. I was told that the system was not working and I must come back, which I religiously did but with no luck.

“Umalusi sent me a statement of results on the two subjects I rewrote and indicated that the department should issue me with my updated matric certificate. That has, however, still not happened.”

Leburu said that the matter has put her future career plans on hold.

“I went to fitness trials at the police on Monday and made it through. I was told that I needed my matric results in order to make it to the next phase. They said if I failed to produce the matric certificate I will not be able to get the job.

“This is frustrating as I thought that improving my marks would assist me in the future, but now it is the biggest hold-up in my plans for my future.” She said nobody at the provincial Department of Education could assist her in providing clarity on the matter.

“I have made phone calls and went to the offices of the department several times. However, nobody is able to shed any clarity on this matter. In July last year I was told to pay R97 in order to get my certificate. I paid the money and was told to wait for three months. The three months have long passed yet I am still empty handed,” Leburu sighed.

Department spokesperson, Geoffrey van der Merwe, said the matter was in the hands of Umalusi.

“The provincial Education Department is not responsible for the issuing of matric certificates. The applications are captured at our offices and submitted to Umalusi as the quality assurer of the National Senior Certificate examinations. Umalusi prints the certificates and dispatches them to provincial Education Departments for further distribution to the specific schools. The matric certificate of Nancy Leburu was printed by Umalusi on September 12, 2018, but has not yet been dispatched to our offices,” said Van der Merwe.