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Union to fight for retrenched Careline workers


According to Nehawu provincial secretary, Sabata Jonas, workers were retrenched under the disguise of profit making

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THE NATIONAL Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) intends to request the office of the MEC for Health to immediately review the operation licence of Careline psychiatric clinic.

This follows a meeting with the management of the facility that was held last week, where the union stated that the rights of workers were being “blatantly and arrogantly undermined” at their workplace.

Nehawu provincial secretary, Sabata Jonas, said that workers had been retrenched, under the “disguise of profit making”, because they wanted to join the union.

“The employer clearly stated that they don’t want those employees on their premises and even locked them out of the premises. They indicated that they don’t have to even serve until the end of the date of termination of employment,” said Jonas.

He said that the employer was contravening basic conditions of employment – claiming that union members were not being paid overtime or night shift allowances and had to work on public holidays – and was not complying with the law of contract.

“We shall continue to defend the rights of workers and will embark on strike action that will result in a total shutdown of the institution.”

Jonas also urged local authorities to inspect whether the facility was complying with the conditions of employment and labour regulations.

Careline Clinic had previously indicated that the retrenchments were only implemented following extensive discussions with the union and all affected parties and that all labour regulations were complied with.

It stated that the retrenchment of 15 workers was unavoidable and had to be done to ensure the sustainability of the institution.