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Union calls for NC mayor, municipal manager to be suspended


Samwu has also demanded that a forensic investigation be conducted into the financial affairs of Ga-Segonyana Municipality

Ga-Segonyana mayor Neo Masegela. Pictures: Supplied

THE SA Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) in the Northern Cape has called for the immediate suspension of the Ga-Segonyana municipal manager and mayor, pending a forensic investigation into the financial affairs of the municipality.

Samwu wants procurement contracts, including the latest fleet management contracts, as well as all “unscrupulous dealings” that were concluded by service providers and key personnel employed by the municipality, to be investigated.

The union has also demanded that the mayor and municipal manager undergo lifestyle audits.

A community march took place to the municipal offices in Kuruman on Wednesday, where a memorandum was handed over.

The municipality has been given five days in which to respond to the list of demands.

Samwu has meanwhile condemned the “lack of implementation of proper Covid-19 regulations and effective risk mitigation of the deadly virus”, where it claimed that employees were expected to work in dangerous environments without proper personal protective equipment.

“Workers are still mobilising to remind the employer of the role they need to assume in protecting the lives of workers. Samwu will continue to form part of any action by workers to push the employer to do what is right and not gamble with the lives of members and the community at large.”

The union has called for monthly Covid-19 allowances of R3,500 to be paid to all workers and for the risk and danger allowances policy to be finalised.

Samwu has also questioned alleged nepotism and politically-connected appointments, intimidation by certain managers and supervisors and salary disparities and called for these matters to be addressed.

The union is further demanding that contract workers be offered permanent employment.

It also highlighted key projects, such as the Seven Mile road and Mothibistad sports complex, that are incomplete.

Ga-Segonyana mayor Neo Masegela committed to provide the union with a response to the memorandum by the deadline.

“We first need to check with National Treasury whether it will be within the legal parameters for the municipality to pay the Covid-19 and danger allowances,” said Masegela.

He believed that calls for the suspension of the municipal manager and the mayor, and that a forensic investigation to be conducted, were motivated by “politics”.

Masegela is also the ANC regional chairperson in the Ga-Segonyana district.