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Two stabbed to death


“Two men allegedly stabbed each other in Mongale Street, Galeshewe, where both sustained multiple stab wounds"

SCENE: Hendrika Thutlo stands in the room in her home where Lloyd Joe (inset), who lives nearby, was stabbed to death by two men. Picture: Soraya Crowie

TWO MEN died after sustaining multiple stab wounds while two others were injured during two separate stabbing incidents in the city on the weekend.

Two suspects have handed themselves over to the police following the incidents.

Lloyd Joe, 29, was stabbed several times after he was pursued by two men in the Madiba Square informal settlement on Friday night.

Neighbours in the area said yesterday that a fight broke out in the street on Friday, shortly before 8pm, and Joe ran into their house in Montlhanke Street, where he sought help.

“Joe was sitting outside our house when two men, who were armed with big knives, pursued him. Joe ran inside for cover and the men followed him into the grandmother’s bedroom.”

Hendrika Thutlo, who stays at the house, indicated that her husband had tried in vain to prevent the stabbing by trying to block the men at the entrance of the room.

“The men ducked under his arm and almost stabbed him in the process. The grandmother who was lying on the bed managed to run out of the bedroom.”

Thutlo added that the men proceeded to stab Joe multiple times.

“There was blood all over the bed and curtains. I lost count as to how many times he was stabbed. The men ran out of the house and we managed to get Joe outside so that he could get some air. We called his mother and he died in her arms.”

Thutlo said that Joe stayed in a shanty in Madiba Square and he would greet her whenever he walked past her home.

Another neighbour, Ruth Lucas, indicated that Joe sustained deep stab wounds in his arm, body and chest.

“It appeared as if he was stabbed eight times and lost a lot of blood.”

Joe’s mother, Jennifer Mbali, added that her son had two young children.

“Before he died, he told me that he loves me. It doesn’t matter what he did, he did not deserve to die in such a cruel manner. I have lost my eldest son and all I am asking for is that justice takes its course.”

Mbali’s sister believed that her nephew was “killed like an animal.”

“What has society come to? My child was also stabbed to death four years ago. It is very painful to lose a child.”

Mbali’s husband, Zacharia Mjovu, refuted allegations accusing Joe of rape, saying that these allegations were used as an excuse to justify the stabbing incident.

“He never did anything of the sort. There are no charges and if there is any evidence the police should be allowed to investigate the allegations. People can’t just take the law into their own hands. We are crying out for the authorities to do something about violent crimes in this area, which have become a daily occurrence. The second suspect is still at large,” said Mjovu.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Majang Skalkie, said that a 27-year-old suspect had handed himself over to the police yesterday and was expected to appear in the Galeshewe Magistrate’s Court soon on a charge of murder.

“The Galeshewe police are investigating a case of murder after a man aged 29 years was stabbed to death on Friday at about 7.40pm.

“Apparently the deceased and the suspect became involved in a fight in the street near Madiba Square informal settlement, where it is alleged they stabbed each other.”

The family of Milton Mekwa Nkosi, 40, believe that he was trying to retrieve his stolen cellphone when he was stabbed to death in Mongale Street, Galeshewe on Friday afternoon.

Skalkie said that the police in Galeshewe were investigating a case of murder.

“Two men allegedly stabbed each other in Mongale Street, Galeshewe, where both sustained multiple stab wounds.

“The police received the complaint at about 1.30pm. A 40-year-old man died on the scene. The other man was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. At this stage it is not clear what caused the fight. The investigation continues.”

She added that a 32-year-old suspect had handed himself over to the police yesterday morning.

“He is expected to appear in the Galeshewe Magistrate’s Court on Monday (today).”

Nkosi’s sister said that her brother had recently started working at the Department of Education and had left work early on Friday to find his cellphone that was stolen.

“He started working at the department a month ago. He noticed that his Samsung cellphone was missing on Thursday evening after he had gone out and was sitting somewhere with his friends. He must have approached the suspect in order to get his phone back.”

She added that the family was shocked by his violent death.

“His death was so unnecessary. By the time I arrived on the scene he had died already. We didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye. He was a peace loving person. We are waiting for the police to complete an autopsy before we can plan the funeral arrangements. He leaves behind a 10-year-old daughter.”