Home News Two shanties destroyed by blaze in Galeshewe

Two shanties destroyed by blaze in Galeshewe


Municipality refutes claims that fire engine experienced problems in accessing the area

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TWO SHANTIES burnt down in Santa Square in Galeshewe on Friday, with residents claiming that a fire engine was unable to pass behind the Barkly Road shopping centre due to a “river” of stagnant water that prevented access to the area.

The residents stated that the fire engine had to make a detour in order to reach the scene and put out the blaze that destroyed the two shanties.

They added that, out of desperation, they had gathered outside the ward councillor’s house to express their discontent as the problem had been ongoing for some time.   

Ward councillor Sarah Tshitlho said she would meet with the Sol Plaatje executive mayor on Monday. 

“We have been struggling for a long time with the sewerage pipe that has been leaking, where the road is completely inaccessible. Despite many pleas the problem has still not been fixed,” said Tshitlho.

She added that a third shanty was also partially damaged by the fire. “Luckily no one was injured.”

Sol Plaatje Municipality spokesperson Thoko Riet indicated that emergency services did not experience any problems in accessing the area.

“The fire was extinguished, where two shanties had caught alight as they are situated in close proximity to each other. The cause of the fire is being investigated,” Riet said.